At this time last year I took the U.S. Army’s new gender-neutral, CrossFit inspired Army Combat Fitness Test. And like 80% of women, I failed it because I couldn’t do a leg tuck. But since learning through failure is kind of my jam, I still think someday I might be able to pass. Until then, there are other jobs with physical fitness requirements – perhaps none more famous than FBI Special Agent. Does a communications professional specializing in security clearance news have what it takes to be an FBI special agent? This time – YES.

FBI Special Agent Qualifications

Physical fitness is one (important) aspect of the FBI special agent employment qualifications. FBI special agents also need to be between 23 and 36 years old, have a bachelor’s degree, and be able to obtain a TS/SCI clearance. There is a sweet spot for special agent positions – the FBI is looking for both experience, and physical fitness.

What are the Physical Fitness Requirements?

The FBI physical fitness test is very similar to the pre-ACFT test – sit-ups, sprint, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run – in that order, and with no more than 5 minutes of rest between exercises. Men and women are judged differently. Agents must meet minimum fitness requirements in order to get the job of an FBI special agent, and maintain them in order to keep it. It’s not just special agents working to be FBI fit – in 2018 the FBI launched its own FBI Physical Fitness Test mobile app, which led to a whole series of fitness bloggers and journalists taking the test and seeing if they had what it takes. Like most test (the ACFT included), the beauty is in your rater, however – it’s really not an FBI physical fitness test if you don’t have someone telling you how terrible your push-ups are and how much slower your spreads get when you’re half-way through the run. The beauty of the FBI physical fitness exam is that it can be done from any track, anywhere (a major criticism of the ACFT is the amount of equipment required). And the four exercises do give a decent view of the basic physical fitness requirements an FBI special agent needs to do the job (with the sprint being very one job-specific example).

If you’re looking to get FBI ready – or just get a decent gauge of your overall physical fitness – give the FBI’s physical fitness test a try.

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