ClearanceJobs recently sat down with Mike Manzo, director of  Intelligence, Threat, and Analytic Solutions at General Dynamics Mission Systems. He discussed what sets General Dynamics Mission Systems apart. 


General Dynamics Missions Systems Over the Years

General Dynamics Mission Systems has supported Maryland customers and the Intelligence Community for decades. Working hand-in-hand with them on their toughest challenges, GD Mission Systems provides smart, experienced teams and innovative solutions to enable their mission to keep our nation safe. This long partnership means the GD Mission Systems team has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges their clients are facing, as well as ways to provide actionable solutions to them. Whether it’s people-focused solutions, such as embedding in their customer’s spaces or inviting their customers to work in GD Mission Systems’ aces, or technology focused, as they are constantly challenging themselves to challenge the impossible, GD Mission Systems has established their company as the industry leader in providing proven mission systems – that’s why it’s in the name. And with a rich company culture, driven by the knowledge that diversity in the workforce leads to diversity in thought, GD Mission Systems innovates solutions that are engineered to keep servicemembers, and our nation, safe.

Mission is Always at the Core

GD Mission Systems frequently works beyond the cutting edge, often at the bleeding edge, doing things that at first appear to be impossible. But because of the way teams are designed, informed collaboration results in a rich and exquisite knowledge of the mission. And that leads to filling mission gaps that yield incredible results. One thing that sets GD Mission Systems apart is that because they have a presence in all of these mission spaces, they not only have exquisite knowledge of the mission, but they also have exquisite knowledge of the data. And that knowledge of the data allows the organization to do things that others cannot. In the most simple form, team members use that data to predict the behavior of our country’s adversaries/enemies, as well as consider what tactics they can employ to prevent or disrupt the enemy’s actions. While much in this realm is classified work, GD Mission Systems’ expertise with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence provides analysts with structured data and algorithms that dramatically improve actionable intelligence for customers, which is a huge differentiator in the market.

 “We work beyond the mundane, we solve the impossible, and our work has significant mission impact.”

The COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 has changed the way we all do work – and that includes the government. Prior to COVID, the cleared community worked in previously accepted methods and ways that were driven by conventional methods. COVID forced everyone to re-evaluate the way we all work together, and,  while maintaining the same high levels of security and quality, GD Missions Systems has been able to open the aperture to explore new tools to facilitate conversations and safe work environments with their customers. They also look enterprise-wide to find programs for those waiting on delayed security clearance to work on. While COVID-19 has upended traditional collaboration methods, in many ways, it has fostered smoother collaboration and more mission-focused conversations with customers utilizing the new means of communication.

No matter the external difficulties faced though, GD Mission Systems continues to provide impactful work for clients and continues to hire despite a pandemic. One significant change is updated onboarding procedures that ensures new employees are onboarded either virtually or, if in-person, following CDC guidelines. And to help navigate the things that aren’t in the new employee handbook, GD Mission Systems has a strong Buddy Program.

“We are a company that thrives on innovative thought and action so finding workarounds for COVID to continue our mission is embedded in our company DNA.”

In it for the Long Haul at General Dynamics Mission Systems

Manzo has been with General Dynamics Mission Systems for 29 years. He explained that the organization has offered him the ability to see opportunities and go after them. Combined with the mission focus that saves lives, he starts each day thinking about how he can personally move the mission forward. “Sometimes, you just wake up one day and find that you’ve been with a really great organization like General Dynamics Mission Systems for 29 years,” says Manzo. “What GD Mission Systems does is protect the nation, and the drive and competitive spirit to solve the customer’s problems drives the teams. There is a sense of pride with protecting the nation, there is a sense of personal accomplishment with overcoming a technical challenge, and there is a sense of awe in truly protecting the lives of those who protect the country.”

Manzo continues, “The GD Mission System ethos is reflected in how employees talk to the customer, and in how they pride themselves in delivering mission solutions that close mission gaps. Starting with CEO Phebe Novakovic, and filtering down through the chain of command, the cornerstone of every project at General Dynamics Mission Systems is fostering strong partnerships and lasting relationships with our customers to ensure mission success.”

How to Get Hired at General Dynamics Mission Systems

The work at GD Mission Systems requires innovative thinkers who thrive on working in a team environment – even with the curveballs COVID-19 has thrown this year. General Dynamics Mission Systems is looking for Reverse Engineers, Cloud Engineers who can build and deploy cloud-based systems, Java Developers, Embedded Developers, Front-end Web Developers, and Software Engineers familiar with High Performance Computing environments – across all experience levels.

Ready to join?



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