With the rise in bad actors across the globe, the need for incisive, timely, and innovative intelligence solutions has never been more necessary to protect our Nation’s interest. At General Dynamics Mission Systems, providing support to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community continues to be a hallmark of their work for over 30 years. We sat down to talk with Mike Manzo, director, Intelligence Solutions, and Tina Barnhart, talent acquisition manager, to talk about the mission and the career opportunities in these critical fields supporting national security.

ClearanceJobs: General Dynamics Mission Systems has a long history of supporting missions in the Intelligence Community – can you tell us about your history of work in the region and what sets your teams apart?

Manzo: Our partnership with the Intelligence Community spans decades. We work hand-in-hand with them on their toughest challenges, and provide smart, experienced teams who create innovative solutions that help keep our Nation safe. This long partnership means we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges they’re facing and how we can provide actionable solutions to them.

ClearanceJobs: There’s a lot you can’t talk about in your work with the Intelligence Community, but is there something you that separates General Dynamics Mission Systems from others working in the cleared space?

Manzo: First, General Dynamics Mission Systems frequently works beyond the cutting edge, to do things that at first appear to be impossible. We carefully staff our teams to create high-performance collaboration that results in a rich and exquisite knowledge of the mission. The talent of our employees, and our intelligence partners, enables us to yield incredible results.

Second, because of our past, and continued success as prime mission developers and integrators, we have a stable, productive work environment for our employees. Their focus, while at work, can be on the work, and not about program timelines.

ClearanceJobs: Since we last spoke, COVID-19 has changed the way we work. How has General Dynamics Mission Systems adapted to that?

Manzo: COVID-19 changed the way we all do work and where possible, we implemented remote work. General Dynamics Mission Systems leadership saw that employees maintained the same level of excellence pre-COVID during quarantine and designed the Employee Workforce Plan to address this new environment. Again, where possible, employees, can choose from options including returning to work fully on-site, a hybrid of some days in the office and some days at home, or fully remote. We recognize that the world has changed, and that we are adapting to those changes.

ClearanceJobs: How has General Dynamics Mission Systems hiring been during COVID?

Barnhart: Our recruiting efforts adapted quickly. We offer a fully remote interview experience to most candidates, as well as remote onboarding. We hear from many candidates that they are applying with General Dynamics Mission Systems because of our positive culture, so we’ve adapted our virtual new employee experience with our virtual Buddy Program, and extra check-in programs to ensure all are still immersed in their new team, contributing to and expanding our culture.

Another new program we’ve started is the External Referral Program. This program is for any non-General Dynamics employees to refer strong candidates for our cleared job openings. If their referral is hired, they will receive an up to $10,000 referral bonus. And as many of our cleared job openings have sign-on bonuses, the candidate could also earn a bonus. This is a win-win for both parties. And a win for our customers and the missions we support.

ClearanceJobs: General Dynamics Mission Systems’ average employee tenure is 12 years. Why do you think that is?

Manzo: As an employee who has exceeded that by several years, I can tell you it is because of three things. First, the work. What we do truly has a tangible impact on the safety of our Nation and partner nations. Secondly, the technology we get to work with is ever-changing and truly cutting-edge. The challenges never end and solving those is an incredible feeling. Lastly, the people and opportunities. The work environment is positive, leadership walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to demonstrating that employees come first, and there are endless career opportunities for those who wish to pursue.

Barnhart: We ask our candidates about their five-year plans in interviews because we have the stability to help our employees work their plans. Whether an employee is looking for leadership opportunities, education and training assistance, opportunities to work across different programs in different business units, or stable, long-term contracts, we have those opportunities at General Dynamics Mission Systems.

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