A phone is a recruiter’s best friend in the defense industry, but can sometimes feel like your worst enemy.

You’re dialing, dialing, dialing all day as a cleared recruiter, but the process can get monotonous, especially if you aren’t receiving any phone calls back from candidates.

The trick is to use the Swiss Cheese Model: utilizing multiple sources of communication in hopes of catching candidates through one of many.

One source that can connect through a cloud-based system to your recruiting resources with nothing to install, no plugins to allow, or no apps to download is VoIP calling.


With recruitment being one of the most critical tasks of defense contractors, it’s important to ensure that you have the best tech at your disposal. It’s also important to make the best use of your time with candidates who are online and likely to respond.

Traditional technologies like a phone call have now migrated to online sources or cloud applications. With VoIP technologies, you can make your daily recruiting calls over the internet and profit from the newer features that your telly might not be able offer.

Ultimately, this streamlines your recruitment processes, especially if it’s integrated into an application where you are sifting through resumes, messaging candidates, or organizing your candidate pipeline (like ClearanceJobs Voice). A lack of this type of organizing can be damaging to a contractors talent acquisition.

Investing in a virtual phone system of this sort is essential and can benefit your recruiting teams in many ways:

  • Cost efficient voice calls to any location – A phone line is a thing of the past and a cell phone is even something you no longer need to speak directly with a candidate. For that reason, especially with COVID-19, a VoIP type integrated feature can offer instant savings.
  • Improving productivity while teleworking – As long as you have internet access, wherever you are, a one-stop shop with an easy online interface allows you to reach logged in candidates from wherever you are.
  • Advanced features for better hiring – With a product like ClearanceJobs Voice, you are able to speak with logged-in cleared professionals in real time – right from your web browser. It’s as easy as searching and clicking to initiate a call. With ClearanceJobs Voice, candidate engagement has never been easier or timelier.
  • Gaining trust from real candidates – Candidates are unlikely to answer phone calls from an unidentified source, but calling with products like ClearanceJobs Voice, candidates know exactly who is trying to reach them and which company they represent.

Virtual phone systems that are integrated make your hiring processes easier by directing a recruiter’s attention to cleared professionals who are actively job seeking now (and reaching them in real time).

No more of the waiting game after your dialing, dialing, dialing.


While a phone call and virtual phone system might sound like one in the same, there are a few do’s and don’ts for how to operate while you’re recruiting.

  1. Do position your phone or laptop to ensure the technology works beforehand. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a call keeps dropping.
  2. Do pretend like you’re on camera even if you aren’t. Professionalism exudes from someone who is in it 100%.
  3. Do stay organized with multiple tabs so you have correct resumes and candidate information handy. Have you ever been called the wrong name by someone reaching out to you? It’s awkward to say the least.
  4. Don’t start calls if your integrated profile is not up to date. If you’re working in a virtual phone system that’s integrated with another app, be sure your profile is up to date so candidates understand who they are hearing from.
  5. Don’t spam call candidates if your call is ignored. Like the regular telephone, the internet phone is no different. Multiple calls that are ignored in a short amount of time are bound to kept being ignored.
  6. Don’t be rude. This is for every avenue of recruiting communication 😃

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