This week, the editorial team walked through job search terms, resume dos and don’ts, and where to find help.

Top Resume Templates and Job Search Terms

This past year, many candidate job searches lined up with resume template searches here at ClearanceJobs. Not surprisingly, the world of intel holds a draw for candidates, and sometimes, a template is just what’s needed to make sure the experience and education is lined up in the right place. Cybersecurity was another search by ClearanceJobs candidates, as the need for cleared cyber talent is deep and the field continues to grow. So, whether your interest is in the top searches or you want to get into linguist work or logistics support, a resume template can be the just the launching point you need to get a new job.

To One Page It or Not

I’m not sure if we settled the long time argument over how long the resume should be, but Katie Keller and I did agree that the key in a good resume is a relevant one. Now, don’t forget to clean up all that empty white space, but if you have good information on your resume, you should feel free to keep typing past that first page. However, this isn’t a free license to include every single job that you have ever held. Do be purposeful in your descriptions. What did you accomplish? Whether that is quantifiable or not, you need to show actual achievements as opposed to daily tasks. If you have a resume filled with fluff-free accomplishments, don’t worry if it is a little on the longer side.

Stand Out in a Sea of Options

Whether you have an image or an eye-catching layout, your resume is an opportunity to show and not just tell your potential employer how great you are. So while you need to review your resume for any grammatical errors, you also need to keep an eye on what’s visually pleasing. Or read your sentences out loud to make sure that they are accurate and tell a recruiter useful information. Make sure your resume is easy to navigate. Instead of claiming to have communication skills, just demonstrate it with a clean resume and an engaging cover letter (no, the cover letter isn’t dead). While discrimination can be a concern, sometimes an image can connect your name and an image together for the recruiter, making you more memorable. In the world of online social platforms, it’s not hard for people to find pictures of you anyway. Just remove dates on degrees where it’s not necessary and clean out any irrelevant information in order to avoid being aged out of an opportunity.

Best Foot Forward Requires Mentors

And when it comes to sending out the best resume possible, it’s helpful to not only have a proof-reader, but it’s also helpful to have mentors who are willing to push back on your resume. Call on mentors that you’ve relied on over the years – who may have even worked with you – and ask them to be critical of your resume content. Really, if your mentors wouldn’t hire you based on your resume, a recruiter might not even call you. So, look for mentors who will have a critical eye of your resume in light of the position you’re applying to. The resume can be a personal document, and we often need an objective view to find our blind spots.

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