“I wanted to change the world.”

“I wanted to learn new skills.”

“I wanted to focus on cutting-edge technology.”

“I wanted to do something bigger.”



Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, work with cutting-edge technology, or take on a role that has global impact, a cleared job with AWS gives cleared professionals the ability to support the mission in a bold new way. From the technology and global impact to the mission and values, cleared professionals who choose a career at Amazon find a career path with impact.

Here are four reasons cleared professionals choose AWS:

1. The chance to solve big problems.

Veterans say cleared work allows them to continue giving back. AWS technologies help government clients stay on top of threats and keep the country safe.

“Because AWS embraces a forward thinking environment, this pushes us to help solve government problems,” said Aimee Donahue, a senior manager with Amazon Intelligence.

2. Use Cutting-Edge Technology.

Cleared professionals at AWS work with cutting-edge technologies every day, using emerging technologies like cloud storage, advanced machine learning, and AWS Ground Station.

“Being able to innovate for the government and even raise the bar, is super rewarding,” said Chris Willis, technical business development manager.

3. Make a Global Impact.

AWS employees come from a  diverse set of professional, academic, and cultural worlds, giving teams a highly collaborative and dynamic feel. Those dynamic teams are solving complex missions every day – missions that matter.

“There’s not many companies out there that can say I have a global impact in what I do every single day. That to me is extremely exciting,” said Holly Houser, Systems Development Manager.

4. Do Something Bigger.

The push to Think Big is a core principal at AWS. Cleared work at AWS brings together technology to help keep the nation safe.


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