Finding a company who will take that first chance on you post-military can seem like a daunting task.

Akima—a global enterprise that delivers a wide variety of services to the federal government—is committed to hiring veterans and supporting them during their critical transition period to civilian employment. Today, more than 26% of Akima’s workforce is former military.

“They have been extremely supportive in how they guide you as a program manager,” says Lanny Hogaboom, a retired Senior Army Officer and Director of EAGLE Programs at Akima. “They really just value their employees. Every aspect, every interaction I have had…has been positive, has been exceptional, and it is a breath of fresh air seeing true professionals perform at the highest levels.”

The company offers mentoring from the start of employment with a robust orientation program designed to help veterans gain their footing, as well as numerous training programs that deliver diversity in opportunities for veterans to grow their careers.

“They’re always ensuring that we can achieve our goals as veterans, because its hard transitioning from the military side over into the civilian sector,” says Susan Blakely a network engineer with Akima.

In addition to offering a diverse, veteran-friendly workplace, Akima offers a comprehensive benefits package, competitive salaries, and a substantial professional & personal development program.

If you are looking for a company that not only supports the warfighter, but also invests in veterans transitioning to the private sector, look no further.

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