After filling out 100 pages of personal information it’s no surprise that many individuals ask who can see a copy of their SF-86 background investigation form. Local law enforcement records are an important part of the security clearance investigation process. The government has struggled to find ways to get access to local law enforcement records and make them a part of the background investigation process. Some applicants, however, wonder about the reverse – is it possible for local law enforcement to see information about what’s included in the SF-86?


It’s important to remember that the security clearance eligibility process, and background investigation process are stove-piped in some ways. In most companies, the Facility Security Officer (FSO) is different than the recruiter, and the recruiter does not review the information that’s included on the SF-86. For the FSO, a review of the SF-86 is about accuracy, not judgment. When a background investigator reviews the application, they are gathering information, not making value judgments. Even when the adjudicator reviews the SF-86, it is about making a clearance eligibility judgment, not considering if any of the things you listed should have resulted in criminal conduct.

When it comes to local law enforcement, in particular, it’s unlikely they would be aware of the existence of an SF-86, and to obtain it – either for personnel or legal action – is highly unlikely.

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