Defining Possible is about doing more than what’s possible today. It’s an ethos that is future-driven, optimistic, and inspires everyone who lives by it. It is a rallying cry and a uniting call between a family of employees. It is a shared purpose for the 97,000 individuals supporting Northrop Grumman, and a promise to their partners that they will rise to any challenge.

“Defining Possible is more than just a tagline,” Gautam Nagaraj promises. “It’s doing the impossible. It’s finding the toughest challenges out there and solving them.

People who push the boundaries of what’s known and define possible every day thrive at Northrop Grumman. Their culture reflects the pioneering spirit of their employees. It is a spirit that pushes forward, despite obstacles, in pursuit of what matters most in this field: remaining innovative to keep the United States safe.

“Defining Possible means to me that we have the ability to collaborate and essentially accomplish anything and any task that is brought in front of us,” said Nathen Whipkey.

Every day at Northrop Grumman locations around the world, employees are collaborating to question, challenge, problem solve, design and build in pursuit of their passion to re-define the realm of possibility.

But it isn’t just leadership that is the driving force for what their spirit of innovation truly means – it is the employees creating and owning their own success. “Defining Possible means that I as an individual, the teams that I work on, and the employees that I work with every single day are the ones that will define what our company is capable of,” says Helen Mills.

Northrop Grumman employees are the ones Defining Possible.

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