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At Booz Allen, community is more than a concept – it’s reality. Community is what drives employees to collaborate to solve challenging problems, and it’s what connects everyone at Booz Allen when support is needed. Whether working in person or at a distance, the deep investment in one another always shines through. Having a community and a sense of belonging is important–it’s what ties Booz Allen together.

This has never been clearer than during the last year. When unprecedented events threatened to upend our way of working, Booz Allen pulled together as one big global community.

“It took everyone a little time to figure out how to connect virtually, but our leadership reminded us that we were not alone,” says associate general counsel Joshua Singer. “Our executives, including our CEO Horatio Rozanski, held weekly story time with the children of Booz Allen as a low-key way for us to be together in the middle of so much uncertainty.”

But our passion for community existed long before the pandemic. People-focused efforts, like business resource groups; Yammer personal interest groups; our employee wellness program, PowerUp; our FlexEd tuition reimbursement program; and versatile working situations give employees many ways to find themselves within the greater team.

“To me, community at Booz Allen means the space to take chances in your career,” says essentials learning director Heather Noftall. “It’s a way to dabble outside of your core work with the full support of your team and leadership.”

This is something that especially matters to lead data scientist Sian Lewis. “I’m a lifelong learner and Booz Allen offers me room to grow, both personally and professionally,” she says.

While the mission of Booz Allen clients, leading edge tech, and the chance to have an impact draws employees in to Booz Allen, the shared community unites everyone.

“A sense of community allows us to support and encourage each other.” Sian agrees. “In order to accomplish any task in life, I can’t do it by myself, I need a community. When I came to work at Booz Allen, the first thing I did was seek out a community – and I found that it was all around me.”

Are you ready to find a place within Booz Allen’s community of curious, passionate people?

Join us. The world can’t wait.

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