If you ever wanted to think about how cool working in national security really is, your time in the military community is a shared experience with Clint Eastwood. The DoD shared yesterday that Eastwood is an accomplished actor and director, and a U.S. Army veteran. Eastwood was drafted in 1951 during the Korean War, and he served his country as a swimming instructor at Fort Ord, CA. He received an honorable discharge in 1953. His acting and movie choices have been influenced by his real-world experience of serving in the military. While not everyone decides to serve the country for life or continue to work in national security, that experience marked Eastwood in his Hollywood experience.

Contract Opportunities to Watch

BlackSky BlackSky secured a five-year, sole-source blanket purchase agreement by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to provide high revisit satellite imaging data in support of the agency’s existing Earth observation research to advance predictive capabilities.

“This award reflects yet another valuable point of alignment between government demand and BlackSky’s commercially available real-time, global intelligence products,” said Brian E. O’Toole, CEO of BlackSky. “Helping NASA-backed researchers broaden their understanding around critical changes in the Earth’s ecosystems, oceanography, geographic and polar sciences is vitally important.”

“Our constellation delivers, dawn-to-dusk imaging that facilitates automatic pattern-of-life monitoring and anomaly detection. Fusing that data with our Spectra AI platform enables compelling and actionable scientific observations about our planet,” he added.

As part of NASA’s Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program (CSDAP), research teams worldwide will have access to high spectral and spatial resolutions with increased temporal frequency and other novel capabilities.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry


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Cleared Opportunities

Booz Allen recently announced it has completed a transaction to transfer all assets related to SnapAttack™, a cloud-based software solution that brings together actionable threat intelligence and hacker tradecraft to proactively detect and defend against cyber threats, to a new cyber threat hunting and detection company.

The entity includes a dedicated technical team and the SnapAttack product, a unique technical solution that enables community collaboration around threat intelligence, attack emulation, and detection analytics to help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, and strengthen systems before threat actors attempt similar techniques to their IT infrastructure.

“Spinning out products like SnapAttack is one example of how we incubate internally and scale externally―an approach that allows us to focus on our strength of developing leading technology, then carefully identifying the best opportunities in the market for its long-term growth,” said Susan Penfield, chief innovation officer at Booz Allen and head of the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group. “In doing so, we empower Booz Allen’s innovators to create and scale leading-edge products and obtain an equity stake in the products they help build.”

SnapAttack was developed and launched publicly by Booz Allen DarkLabs―an elite team of security researchers, threat hunters, penetration testers, reverse engineers, network analysts, and data scientists, dedicated to stopping cyber attacks before they occur—based on years of experience in commercial and nation-state-level cyber operations in cyber defense (blue teaming), data analytics, threat hunting, and cyber offense (red teaming). As one of the world’s largest cybersecurity solution providers, Booz Allen’s technical talent develops products like SnapAttack by leveraging advanced and emerging technologies alongside decades of working with clients to defeat advanced cyber threats.

The SnapAttack product development team will continue to be led by Chief Technology Officer Fred Frey and Chief Product Officer Tim Nary, SnapAttack’s original developers, both of whom began their careers at Booz Allen and exemplify how innovators at Booz Allen can grow and scale cutting-edge technology within the firm and beyond. Under their leadership, SnapAttack will continue to focus on keeping government and commercial clients ahead of advanced cyber threats.

Booz Allen is maintaining a significant minority stake in the new company as well as a strategic partnership agreement to continue collaboration, further enhancing and complementing the firm’s robust threat detection management capabilities.  Booz Allen will be the primary channel partner for SnapAttack to its federal client base, and this collaboration will provide clients with scalable, enhanced access to SnapAttack along with continued access to the firm’s best-in-class capabilities, technology, and services. Additional investors include Volition Capital and Strategic Cyber Ventures.

“SnapAttack addresses a critical requirement for organizations that need to move quickly, collaborate, and get continuously better at detecting and defending against sophisticated cyber threats,” said Patrick Gorman, executive vice president and a leader in Booz Allen’s cybersecurity business. “SnapAttack will now have even more opportunity to scale at the pace of clients, address urgent threat detection needs, and access a broader ecosystem of innovators and capital investment to help it grow as the industry standard in proactive security and hacker tradecraft.”



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