Threats to critical infrastructure aren’t limited to region, or industry. Infrastructure includes physically protecting facilities and operations, as well as helping prevent cybersecurity attacks. The ubiquitous nature of threats means the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency needs to be at work in regions across the country – and for private sector partners looking for support, they don’t have far to travel.

Having regional offices positioned across the country means CISA representatives can both be there to support local partners with resources and information, and also that they can gather information about threats from across the country and pass that along to other areas.

“We’re able to get out in the region and really focus using that regional field personnel,” said Alex Joves, regional director of CISA region 5. “We are there working alongside with our partners every day. And that daily interaction is really what is the best part.”

The 10 CISA Regions:

Region Location
1 Boston, MA
2 New York, NY
3 Philadelphia, PA
4 Atlanta, GA
5 Chicago, IL
6 Dallas, TX
7 Kansas City, MO
8 Denver, CO
9 Oakland, CA
10 Seattle, WA

Regional offices expect, advise, and coordinate. CISA partners include local law enforcement, first responders and government agencies, but also representatives across the private sector who have important information to protect. The diversity of those partners may surprise you, including everything from local businesses with infrastructure and facilities to protect to defense industry employers and telecommunications companies.

“It’s a diverse set of partners we work with,” said Joves. “We’re able to deliver on national priorities and bring that down to the local community, and make sure our communities are secure and safe.”


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