According to the EY 2022 Work Reimagined Survey, globally, employees are feeling a pull to quit – with 43% of them saying they are open to it in the next year. In the aftermath of 2020, employees say their wishlist from employers is changing. But the top three items employees say they want? Better pay, more career opportunities, and more flexibility. The reality is that employees have always wanted higher compensation and more career opportunities. Job hopping wouldn’t be a thing if people didn’t want to make more money or gain more experience on the resume. But the addition of flexibility to the list is new – not because no one wanted it before. They just didn’t realize they could have it. But despite the outcry for flexible options, higher pay trumps the list for what the people want. And cleared professionals are no different. According to the 2022 ClearanceJobs Compensation Report, when respondents were asked about the key motivation for job satisfaction? The majority rank higher salary or bonuses as their driver. The key is looking at the reported numbers, based on experience, education, and/or location, and then negotiate from there.

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United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), Cyber Procurement Office (CPO) recently awarded Sealing Technologies, Inc., (SealingTech) with a Production Other Transaction Agreement (P-OT) after SealingTech successfully completed a competitive prototype project for a ‘hunt-forward’ solution for the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) through the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). This P-OT is valued at $59,043,342.61 and has a base award of 3 years.

This acquisition supports USCYBERCOM’s mission to direct, synchronize and coordinate cyberspace planning and operations to defend and advance national interests in collaboration with domestic and international partners.

SealingTech’s hunt kit solution to the DIU under the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) provided a design that proves significant in supporting automated deployments, configurations and data flows for cyber operations. It is modular in self-contained units that can be carried on commercial aircraft.

“SealingTech’s kit is designed to be modular so it can be configured for mission requirements and optimized for enhanced performance characteristics,” said SealingTech Program Manager Angie Landress. She will manage the team who will deliver, integrate, sustain and support a total cyber hunt solution for CNMF.

“Bringing a working hunt forward system to US Cyber Command warfighters in a just a few months was no small feat,” said SealingTech CEO Ed Sealing. “We are driven by the mission. With this pursuit led by Kimberly Nagy, SealingTech leveraged our knowledge, experience and innovation to rapidly create, test, improve and deploy a prototype that will help US cyber defenders more effectively secure cyberspace.”

The scope of this statement of work includes, but is not limited to: program management, system engineering, integration, lifecycle sustainment, hardware and software procurement, supply chain management, configuration management, automated provisioning, training, cybersecurity, and quality assurance.

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Women have a small representation in cybersecurity, and yet they remain critical to the mission – CISA knows this and is looking to bring in people with the unique backgrounds and perspectives that represent our Nation. CISA has career pathways for people of all backgrounds, with the goal of creating a more balanced and inclusive workplace culture. Join the CISA workforce!

Cleared Opportunities

Booz Allen made a strategic investment in Reveal Technology, Inc., a visual analytics and edge artificial intelligence (AI) company.

Blending state-of-the-art computer vision, AI, and edge computing technologies, Reveal delivers intuitive, rapid intelligence at the austere tactical edge where power, compute, and bandwidth are often in short supply. The company’s Farsight software platform provides special operators and squads in high-risk environments with actionable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities at the unit level—without the need for network connectivity and on timelines measured in minutes and seconds, not hours and days.

Farsight’s AI-powered insights and decision aids—including real-time 2D mapping, near-real-time-3D mapping, line of sight analysis, and route planning—reduce the cognitive burden on troops and enable faster, better decisions and response. This technology adds critical capabilities to Booz Allen’s Digital Battlespace platform, which supports global defense clients in an information-driven, fully integrated conflict space across all warfighting domains and where success depends on critical networks—communications; intelligence; positioning, navigation, and timing; and equipment—working together even in communications-challenged, denied, or degraded environments.

“Reveal has developed solutions that increase situational awareness and accelerate the decision cycle for dismounted warfighters. Their technology provides rapid, actionable intelligence at the squad and soldier levels while answering the government’s call for speeding the delivery of applied and tactical AI to the battlefield,” said Joel Dillon, Booz Allen senior vice president of digital battlespace special missions. “It’s a gamechanger—and something I wish I had when I was in combat.”

Booz Allen is committed to investing in strategic, defense-first, dual-use technologies that help speed up the adoption of advanced commercial technologies for public sector missions. Beyond special operations, there is future potential to apply Reveal’s technology to such mission-critical use cases as natural disaster response, public safety crises, maritime search and rescue, and more.

“Since 2015, Booz Allen has been scouting dual-use capabilities in emerging tech including across all areas of AI/ML to the edge. Because of where we are placed in the innovation ecosystem we are uniquely positioned to help the government find, vet, access and field these emerging technologies to deliver impact faster to important programs of record,” said Brian MacCarthy, Booz Allen vice president of tech scouting and ventures. “By investing in leading-edge companies like Reveal, we are bringing machine learning and AI to the edge—capabilities that are central to prevailing in the digital battlespace.”

Founded in 2018, Reveal is a company of elite combat veterans, special operators, and top-tier technologists who truly understand the mission and the challenges of combat.

“Reveal has earned its position as the industry’s leading edge geospatial intelligence technology. Farsight is specifically designed to meet tactical operators’ critical needs by delivering applied AI and rapid situational awareness through best-in-class 3D map creation, automated video and imagery exploitation, and sensor- and platform-agnostic edge data processing. The result is faster, better and safer decision-making for warfighters at the tactical edge. It’s the key for the future of human-machine teaming,” said Garrett Smith, Reveal Technology co-founder and CEO.

As the largest provider of AI services for the federal government, Booz Allen delivers some of the most advanced AI, ML and data architecture technologies, services and strategies through its work with the Joint AI Center, Army Futures Command and U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, among others.

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Jillian Hamilton has worked in a variety of Program Management roles for multiple Federal Government contractors. She has helped manage projects in training and IT. She received her Bachelors degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Penn State University and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.