New Mexico’s scenic plateaus and wide open spaces harbor lots of opportunities for cleared candidates. As a state rich in Native American heritage, melding cultures through architecture and art, New Mexico is also home to major defense contractors and companies in the aerospace industry. Thinking of making New Mexico your next home? Here’s what you need to know about working in New Mexico.

Jobs for cleared candidates in New Mexico

With 310 days of annual sunshine, jobs in the aerospace and defense industries are ample in New Mexico. Even extra-terrestrial life recognized that New Mexico was a great location for the aerospace industry! Jobs in other areas, like electrical engineering, IT hardware, and IT software, are also available.

Employers hiring cleared candidates in New Mexico

Sandia National Laboratories is one of the largest employers of cleared candidates in New Mexico. Headquartered in Albuquerque, Sandia National Laboratories is a government-funded research facility devoted to accomplishing missions in nuclear weapons, national and global security, and energy. Other large employers in New Mexico include Booz Allen, Leidos, and ManTech International.

Salary for cleared personnel

The average salary for cleared personnel in the southwest region is $95,859, in line with other regions. New Mexico boasts a slightly lower than average cost of living, and the average home price in July of 2022 was $296,000, well below the national average. Even better, New Mexico has the lowest property taxes in the United States. Competitive wages and low living costs make New Mexico an ideal location for cleared workers.

Why New Mexico is perfect for cleared workers

Besides competitive salaries, job opportunities, and low costs of living, New Mexico has a lot to offer candidates hoping to move to the area. New Mexico is home to the oldest vineyards in the US; in fact, they’ve been in the business 200 years longer than any other state. Its history includes Native Americans, Spanish settlers, and gold rush ghost towns.

New Mexico is beautiful, too, having wooed artists like Georgia O’Keeffe away from traditional art hubs with its expansive vistas and landscapes. Museums and art shows pay homage to artists old and new, and New Mexico’s unique blend of cultures is on display across the state. All the sunshine and warm weather mean outdoor lovers will rarely have to take a day off of adventuring. All these reasons and more make New Mexico a perfect location for cleared candidates to land their next job.

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