Although Boeing Intelligence and Analytics is a relatively new arm of Boeing, it’s strategizing to continue supporting national security over the long term. We sat down with Roxanne Wood, CEO of Boeing Intelligence and Analytics, to learn more about Boeing’s role in national security and how they’re preparing to take on the security world.

The BIA was founded in 2016 and is a subsidiary of Boeing Company. “Boeing wanted to really grow into the intelligence industry, not only here in Annapolis Junction but everywhere,” explained Roxanne. As they continue winning contracts, the BIA is becoming more of the cyber arm of Boeing for national security.

Part of their long-term strategy is thinking ahead to their goals over the next years, and even decades, and making decisions to support both their short and long term goals. “Tech changes all the time, but some things don’t,” says Roxanne. “What kind of workforce are you going to have? What kind of things are going to drive them? Those are things we have to focus on, and I think those focus areas will get us through the next five, ten years.”

BIA doesn’t simply accept projects for their own sake, but each project fits into its parameters and goals for where BIA hopes to be in the future. “When you’re building your strategy and you push work out to your workforce, they’re going to say, ‘Yeah ok great, but what’s in it for me?’” said Roxanne. “And then you have to have that strategy for your workforce to say this is what’s in it for you, yes you have work now, but this is also what we’re doing to make sure you have work in five or ten years.”

As remote work has changed the landscape of workforce culture and norms, Boeing has embraced remote work by encouraging their customers to allow remote work on their projects. Asking questions like “Why can’t this be remote work?” has become part of Boeing’s strategy as they continue driving proposals and working to support their employees.

“We’re kind of a quiet division. People come in and say, ‘I didn’t know you had that kind of work. I didn’t know you had those customers.’” said Roxanne.

But important projects are only one part of what makes Boeing a great place to work. As a smaller branch of the larger Boeing company, BIA benefits from staying agile and having the ability to pivot, while its employees also benefit from the mobility and support that comes from being part of Boeing.

BIA is seeking qualified, cleared candidates to join their team and continue supporting missions and national security. To learn more about working for Boeing and how Boeing can work for you, check out their job openings.


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