The tech market in the Washington Metro Region continues to be tight as businesses and government organizations vie for top talent across technical skill sets. Competitive compensation packages and creative benefits that rival Silicon Valley are standard across the industry as businesses seek to attract and keep employees in these in-demand roles.

Ridgeline International, the leading training provider and technical solutions for digital signature management has a novel approach to this retention challenge.

The Ridgeline Approach

“Our benefits are great,” says principal technical recruiter Adam Avitabile. “But it goes beyond just the great healthcare, clothing and hobby allowance, self-managed PTO. We’re building a community, which means engaging Ridgeliners at the point they’re at and helping them envision where they want to be in the future.”

To accomplish this, Ridgeline takes a people-first approach to professional development. This begins with access to a certified mental performance coach. Employees at Ridgeline can participate in monthly, confidential coaching sessions to dig into their professional challenges and goals. The coach helps Ridgeline staff identify areas where they want to become high performers and explores strategies to help them excel. For many, these sessions are the first steps on their path to the job of their dreams.

Beyond coaching sessions, Ridgeline’s culture of collaboration and flat organizational structure means that all staff, regardless of their tenure or experience level, have a network of technical experts, executives, and industry generalists to tap for advice, troubleshooting, and mentorship.

“I get mentoring from everyone,” says Sean McMillin, senior systems engineering manager. “I feel I can approach anyone here about anything, and everyone is willing to take time out of their day to teach you something.” For him, it goes a long way to keep him engaged with work and inspires him to pursue new technical skills he hadn’t considered previously. It’s also kept him at Ridgeline, where he’s spent several years and advanced through several positions.

Ridgeline capitalizes on the deep and diverse talent pool they’ve cultivated over the past seven years in business to build a community that’s invested in collaboration and growing together. It’s been their secret weapon in attracting and keeping top talent in a tight labor market.

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