National security had a hot job market in 2022. And by hot, I mean companies battled hard to keep candidates in the cleared community as new contracts poured in to source. At the same time, cleared recruiters hustled to scoop up cleared talent before a competitor made the hire. Of course, the remote work conversation continued to be a factor in a world that operates some or all the time inside a SCIF.

The 10 Most Popular Jobs from Cleared Employers in 2022

Currently, ClearanceJobs has almost 70,000 jobs posted on the site from over two thousand companies. Almost 1.5 million candidates flock to ClearanceJobs to find work and network within the cleared community. Here are the 10 most popular jobs posted by cleared employers in 2022.

1. Software Engineer

From the software developer to the full-scale software engineer, cleared employers were looking for software candidates in 2022. Not surprisingly, software engineers were wanted at multiple career levels. For the past two years, cleared software engineers have reported the highest salary in the cleared community. Demand continues to drive compensation.

2. Systems Engineer

Close on the software engineer’s heels is the popular job of the systems engineer. The tools and products in national security are varied, and many are in need of updates. It’s a job highly sought after by organizations right now in national security. Glassdoor reports that the current average salary for a systems engineer as $111,800, which is almost $20,000 less than what cleared candidates reported earning in 2021.

3. Program/Project Manager

Where there are programs being won, there are project and program managers to be hired. While it’s often helpful to promote from within, turnover and rapidly ramping up for new work often drive hiring for this role from the outside. Program analysts were also widely sought this past year.

4. Network Engineer

The cleared industry has a steady need for network engineers, with all of systems and programs to be designed and managed. Companies were on the lookout in 2022 for engineers and administrators. Even now, ClearanceJobs have over 15,000 listings with the term network engineer in the description or job title.

5. Data Scientist

As we kick off 2023, searching ClearanceJobs for data science yields over 12,000 results, and the term Data Scientist has a couple thousand, as well. The more data we store, the more companies need cleared data science majors to help visualize it. Large and small organizations have contracts requiring the work of a data scientist.

6. DevOps Engineer

A key player on the engineering team is the DevOps Engineer. Often, companies are searching for the elusive TS/SCI with polygraph DevOps candidate. Positions are located all over the country, and some even have remote options with only on-site client visits periodically.

7. Security Officer

Security Officers are an integral piece of the clearance community. A lot of work goes into maintaining cleared staff on all the programs. It requires education and training, as well as, an ability to understand security documentation and communicate it within the organization. From trainings to onboarding to C-suite communications to proposals, security officers are important to making sure the organization follows all security clearance policies and procedures.

8. Technical Writer

Every program has its own list of documentation to maintain. Enter the technical writer, who is faced with the task of making dry, mandatory terminology come alive. Candidates who have a technology mind but lean towards the creative side in life are an asset to creating user guides, program documentation, client reports, and more.

9. Administrative Assistant

Cleared administrative staff may be hard to find, but companies are often willing to sponsor a clearance for this position. And over half of the currently posted positions on ClearanceJobs require a Secret clearance or lower. Admins looking for stable, reliable work should check out openings in national security.

10. Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)

As threats and vulnerabilities grow, demand for the ISSO rises. Customers often need individuals to ensure compliance with agency directives, instructions, and memos. Keeping information assurance programs up, running, and successful is no small task.

jobs in 2023

As national security takes more steps towards the feel of pre-2020, some things are resuming and others have shifted. Remote work is more requested and often offered as a hybrid option. But travel has resumed, and contracts continue to be steadily awarded. As the tech world gets a little shakier and walks through numerous reorganizations, it’s a great time to offer the mission of national security to candidates. Serve it up with a side of stability and good compensation.

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Jillian Hamilton has worked in a variety of Program Management roles for multiple Federal Government contractors. She has helped manage projects in training and IT. She received her Bachelors degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Penn State University and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.