Booz Allen experts pioneer tech for real-world impact

It’s no exaggeration to say that Booz Allen directly helps others—their important missions set their work apart. Whether it’s modernizing technology for law enforcement agencies or creating equitable access to healthcare, Booz Allen experts consistently use their skills to create solutions for real people.

While many of their projects are sensitive or niche, others allow teams to do work that millions of people will see or use. Thanks to the work of their tech experts, these “regular Joe” processes, like paying taxes or accessing benefits information, become more streamlined and user-friendly.

We spoke with three Booz Allen team members about how they use their technology expertise to impact millions of people. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what they do.

Meet the Experts

Chichi Isiugo

Technical Program Manager

Tess Periera

Product Manager

Pals Nagaraj

Enterprise Solutions Architect

What’s It Like to Work on Large-scope Technology Projects for Federal Clients?

Technical Program Manager Chichi Isiugo supports the strategy behind the enterprise systems upon which taxpayers and government employees rely. She works to “resolve bottlenecks and modernize the way business is conducted,” she explains. “It’s impactful—streamlining manual business processes and providing end-to-end solutions that make the experience better for everyone involved.”

Pals Nagaraj, an enterprise solution architect, is working on a major cloud migration project, managing processes involving security and storage. This project will help data analytics teams more seamlessly pull together metrics that inform high-stakes decisions.

What Makes Your Work Exciting?

Tess Periera is a product manager who works directly on projects that impact the taxpayer. For her, it’s fulfilling to see millions of people use a product that she helped design and build.

“On top of working with great people, it’s cool to create products that you see people use. I’ve built things that millions of people interface with, and we’re always advocating for the best user experience…It’s rewarding to put these products out into the world.” – Tess Periera, Product Manager

Chichi adds that she finds the team camaraderie and the ability to grow in her career motivating. “It’s wonderful to work with a team who recognizes and rewards your achievements and contributions,” she says. “Accelerating modernization and digital transformation for mission-critical programs that directly impact everyday citizens keeps me inspired. This impact, combined with the opportunities at the intersection of business and tech that Booz Allen offers, have enabled me to achieve a robust professional career.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at Booz Allen?

“My leadership wants to see me excel,” says Pals. “Other companies may give you a task and tell you to get it done. They don’t care if you’re having a difficult time. Booz Allen, on the other hand, wants us to succeed. There’s always someone who will help you if you feel stuck,” he notes.

In addition, the ability to create the career you want at the firm is unique. “If you’re ready for a change when you finish a contract or project, you don’t have to go elsewhere to look for work,” Pals says. “You can use the firm’s resources like FlexEd and Udemy to reskill and change course. It’s nice to have so much flexibility.”

For Tess, it’s the people. “I have an amazing team. The people I work with are smart but also incredibly kind and down-to-earth. My leaders are present with me and open themselves up to any questions. They ask about me and my life. They care about me as a person, as a whole human. I’m valued for who I am—and not just as an employee,” she says.

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