While the nation’s job market in 2022 was relatively strong, the same can not be said for the tech industry. According to a report from The Challenger, tech job cuts were up 649%, compared to the 13% reductions made nationally. And unfortunately, the trend has continued into 2023.

This outlook might seem bleak if you’ve dedicated your professional career to understanding and advancing technology, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a new direction, consider a career in national security. Whether you find a position as a contractor or federal civilian, working for the government provides job security, a sense of honor, and protection from layoffs.

3 Cleared Tech Jobs to Layoff-Proof Your Career

Here are three jobs always in high demand – especially in national security. 

1. Cybersecurity Analyst

Hiring cleared cybersecurity personnel remains a top priority for the US government. So when cybersecurity positions were included in layoffs, agencies like the NSA began actively recruiting recently laid-off tech workers to defend and protect the nation’s data. With the right experience and security clearance, you’ll have a plethora of opportunities. The average salary for cybersecurity workers in 2023 is $124,393. 

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists require unique skills, as they’re responsible for translating complex information into real-life solutions. Backgrounds in the field vary, but computer science, IT, and math degrees are common pathways to the field. Data scientists are also some of the top earners in national security, with the average salary coming in at $134,648.

3. Software Engineer

As AI and machine learning evolve and we find new ways to integrate our lives with technology, the demand for software engineers and developers continues to rise. The field topped our 2023 Compensation Report with an average salary of $139,357. 

If you were recently laid off or looking to transition to a sector with stability and a mission, check out our site for the latest openings.

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