NSA continues the hiring message they kicked off in January. Recently, they’ve shared with Nextgov that they are definitely trying to reach the laid off tech workers. NSA has responded to all of the layoff notices by switching gears with their recruiting strategies. They’ve targeted social media posts, added in job fairs, and posted listings in different places. Recently, NSA’s Director of Cybersecurity Rob Joyce engaged with a thread on Twitter, sharing, “NSA is hiring. Wide array of opportunities across cybersecurity, capability development and SIGINT. Must get a clearance. This is an amazing stable opportunity if that is now a priority. Hit me up and I’ll get someone in touch to discuss and navigate the process.”

Joyce noted that most of the opportunities are in Maryland or Texas. With almost 150,000 views on Twitter, the social media approach is effective in reaching talent eager to get a job. Joyce promotes the pull of stability clearly in his message, and he also confirms that remote work is quite limited. He says that if you have the skills, NSA can get you a security clearance – but you have to put down the marijuana. Whether you’ve worked at the agency before or you’re new, NSA is making it clear that they want to recruit you.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: Teledyne FLIR Defense

Teledyne FLIR Defense has been awarded a $13.3 million contract by the U.S. DoD to further expand the capabilities of its R80D SkyRaider™ unmanned aerial system to autonomously perform chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance missions.

“For many good reasons, militaries are shifting their CBRN defense strategy from manned to unmanned platforms,” said Dr. David Cullin, vice president of technology and product management at Teledyne FLIR Defense. “Employing unmanned air and ground assets to assess risks from weapons of mass destruction is an increasingly sought-after capability.”

For the base contract, Teledyne FLIR will deliver four SkyRaiders and six of each sensor payload, with options to support training, documentation, plus the delivery of additional UAS and payloads.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry:


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Cleared Opportunities

Goodbye west coast. That’s what many are saying with all of the tech layoffs. Recent studies show more software engineer opportunities have opened over on the east coast – specifically in Washington D.C. and New York. Tech startups and large organizations, like Google and the like, announce layoffs, generating an infusion of talent into other markets. There are more tech jobs than the Apples and Facebooks of the world, but it may mean moving to other hubs and different organizations. As the NSA is pushing to promote, tech jobs in the Washington D.C. metro area can also come with increased stability where there’s government contracting or employment involved. As more graduates join the workforce this spring, the east coast might get a little more congested.

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