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When’s the best time to grow your technical or functional skills? How about right now? If you’re looking to expand your knowledge or areas of expertise but aren’t sure how, you’re not alone.

“The technical space is ever-changing,” says Digital Recruiting Specialist Courtney Zaluski. “To be at the forefront of technology, you need to continue learning and growing.” Whether you’re at your dream job or looking for a new challenge, our recruiting experts share some ideas to take you to the next level.

1. Learn at work

A company that appreciates your expertise wants to help you develop your career further. “The more skills and abilities you have, the more valuable you are to a firm and the more valued you feel,” says Recruiter Heather Holdaway.

At Booz Allen, there are lots of ways to grow. They offer Technical Excellence programs in the areas of cyber, data science, modern software development, and cloud engineering. Their purpose? To help you develop brand-new skills through hands-on training with industry leaders, skills assessments, and mentorship.

Similarly, their catalog of course options includes thousands of functional and technical courses, certifications, books, and more. “When a company has an education program, it shows they want to invest in you as you build your professional skill set,” says Senior Recruiter Scott Mewhinney.

2. Learn outside of work

Thinking about going for an advanced degree or getting certified? Ask how your company can help.

Booz Allen’s Flexible Education (FlexEd) Program gives you the financial support and flexibility to work toward academic degrees, certifications, licenses, and other job-related functional and technical development. This includes courses that allow you to maintain a professional license, complete skill training for credits, or pursue academic coursework or degrees.

“We want to see our people succeed,” adds Analytics Recruiter Allison Bower. “We make that message clear from the start, and then we follow through by giving them the tools they need.”

3. Learn from others

Whether in person or through social media, networking plays an important role in your career growth. “It’s good to learn from others who’ve been right where you are,” says Heather. “The more people you know, the more people you can contact if you need help navigating your career path.”

That’s why when you join Booz Allen, you’re encouraged to make meaningful connections through online forums, interactive webcasts, and volunteer opportunities. From the Agile Community to the Women’s Business Resource Group to the Gamers Community, there’s a place where you can meet people to connect with.

4. Learn new areas

By taking on new challenges and being exposed to a range of fields, you can develop your talents and forge a different career path. On new projects, you’re exposed to fresh technology and techniques. “You learn and grow from these opportunities because you’re stretching yourself,” says Heather. “And what you learn might shift your interests entirely and lead you down a previously undiscovered path.”

Many people at Booz Allen uncover new opportunities simply by being curious. Their culture encourages employees to explore different areas within the business. For example, Booz Allen’s internal mobility program helps you connect and search for your next internal opportunity. “It’s a great way to see what’s open and the next steps to take,” adds Courtney. “It reminds us all that we’re not just here to do a job or work on a single contract. We’re here for a career.”

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