Life has been extra busy lately, and I wasn’t being strategic with my time. So I made it my mission this week to accomplish my tasks while still enjoying precious moments or some much-needed R&R. Sometimes, it’s helpful to take a moment to reassess how your going about your work.

5 Tips to Get More Done at Work

Here are a few tips to get more done at work – without sacrificing your sanity.

1. Start your week prepared.

To-do lists are always a must, but crafting one for the next workday is a game-changer. Review tomorrow’s agenda in the last few minutes of your day. Knowing what’s on deck for the next day allows you the space to be fully present when you get out of work mode and, in turn, ensures your energy is renewed by morning.

2. Strike a balance between multitasking and monotasking.

The debate between multitasking and monotasking is largely personal preference. Some workers thrive when doing multiple things at once, whereas others need their attention narrowly focused. But, of course, it also depends on your scope of work and the intricacies of a project.

3. Prioritize tasks and set goals.

Whether you’re an expert multitasker or a montask champion, prioritizing what needs to be completed and when is essential to your productivity. Failing to organize your tasks with deadlines in mind or repeatedly pushing things off amplifies your workload, creating needless stress for you and your team. And when it comes to setting goals, make sure they’re realistic to avoid needing an extension.

4. Take Breaks

It’s natural to want to power through a busy workday, chugging coffee and skipping lunch, but slipping into that pattern leads to burnout. So instead, take a walk, stretch, or grab an afternoon cup of tea; allowing yourself time to reset throughout the day will leave you more focused.

5. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are inevitable, regardless if you work in an office, from home or some combination of the two. So put your phone on silent and avoid social media; your future self will thank you! Also, make an effort to keep your workspace organized. A messy environment can be an added distraction.

When your goals are set, and your schedule is optimized, work days are productive and balanced. For the latest cleared news updates and career advice, visit us at

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