Booz Allen unveils its Pax River Mission Systems Integration Facility (MSIF) in California, MD this week. This 20,000-square-foot, multifunctional facility is located near the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, and promises to be a technological hub where rapid innovation meets the evolving needs of the warfighter. In close proximity to Washington, DC, with a team of over 400 experts at Booz Allen’s Lexington Park office, the MSIF is a response to the DoD’s demand for swift, scalable technical solutions.

Booz Allen envisions the MSIF as the epicenter of mission-driven innovation, where next-gen technologies can be designed, developed, integrated, tested, and evaluated with unmatched agility and precision. With a dedication to bolstering engineering capabilities, fostering partnerships, and supporting the defense community, Booz Allen’s MSIF marks a significant step toward strengthening national security in the heart of Southern Maryland.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: Accrete AI

Accrete AI, a prominent enterprise AI company, has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to deploy its AI software, Argus, for open-source threat detection. Argus utilizes social media data to forecast emerging narratives and produce intelligence reports at an unprecedented speed and scale, enabling intelligence analysts and special operators to preemptively identify disinformation threats in real-time on social media platforms. This development underscores the growing concern over the security risks posed by synthetic media, deep fakes, and AI-driven disinformation campaigns, with Accrete’s Nebula Social set to address these challenges for both government agencies and enterprises in the near future. CEO Prashant Bhuyan emphasized the urgent need for AI solutions capable of identifying and countering AI-generated synthetic media, which has the potential to cause substantial economic damage and disrupt various sectors. Accrete aims to meet this demand with predictive and neutralization capabilities tailored to emergent social media narratives.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry: Booz Allen

Threats to national security are accelerating—from expanding attack surfaces to global adversaries. Booz Allen is trusted to support some of the nation’s most pressing intelligence missions. Be the future. Work with us.

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Cleared Opportunities

TurbineOne, a U.S. intelligence analytics software company, has just scored a multi-year contract with the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). Their mission? To pioneer innovative machine learning (ML) capabilities in partnership with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense’s Research and Engineering’s (OUSD R&E’s) FutureG and 5G Office. These ML advances will revolutionize force protection, industrial equipment geolocation, and intelligence operations centers, bolstering national defense.

With their Frontline Perception System’s new feature, Sidekick, TurbineOne is taking ML to new heights, harnessing Zero Shot computer science to identify the unfamiliar with astounding precision. TurbineOne is empowering defense analysts to uncover the hidden, making the impossible possible in the world of intelligence. TurbineOne’s cutting-edge technology is set to be a game-changer, as the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director, Lieutenant General Bob Ashley, attests, “I’ve never seen an Intel tool like this one from TurbineOne. It can find the needle in a haystack and significantly increase the effectiveness of our nation’s intel analysts.”

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