In an open letter to Congress, leaders of defense technology companies, including Palantir, Anduril, Epirus, and 16 others, express deep concern about the rapid technological advancements made by the Chinese Communist Party and the increasing aggressiveness it supports. The letter, issued by Jacob Helberg, Commissioner of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), emphasizes the importance of technological superiority and innovation in deterring potential conflicts and expresses support for government actions to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced military technology. While acknowledging legislative efforts to restrict Chinese technologies and protect national security, they highlight the need for closer collaboration between the government and the technology sector to bridge the gap between commercial and military technologies. The letter outlines various proposals and systemic reforms aimed at ensuring the United States and its allies maintain a technological advantage for security, stability, and prosperity. The signatories express their readiness to support these efforts in partnership with Congress and the Administration.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: DMI

DMI, a digital services company, secures a $26 million contract from PEO EIS Army Human Resources Systems (AHRS) to enhance the end-user experience for service members while transitioning Sustainment Systems Integration services development to agile best practices. This supports the Army’s vision of infusing transparency and agility into its software and services, ensuring optimal management of critical systems that impact the experience of over 1 million Army personnel and the efficient operation of essential equipment. DMI’s ongoing partnership with AHRS reflects its commitment to advancing digital and agile transformation in defense.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry: CISA

CISA is actively seeking entry-level talent to join its mission in protecting our nation’s critical and physical infrastructure. Here at CISA, we know that protecting our nation requires a top-tier team. That’s why we offer career opportunities for students/recent graduates and entry-level to gain hands-on experience!  We believe that our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds, education, perspectives, and experiences of our employees. Explore Cybersecurity Career Development Tools and Resources

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Cleared Opportunities

GM Defense and NP Aerospace forge a global military partnership. The collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), inked during the 2023 Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI), encompasses research, post-production support, and logistics for integrated vehicles, power systems, autonomy, connectivity, and more. GM Defense’s cutting-edge solutions, such as the agile ISV and Heavy-Duty armored SUV, will now reach a broader audience thanks to NP Aerospace’s extensive expertise in vehicle systems support. This partnership underscores GM Defense’s commitment to advancing defense capabilities worldwide while leveraging General Motors’ advanced technologies for a more electric, autonomous, and connected future.

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