AeroVironment has completed its acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics, a provider of AI-powered robotic control and integrated communications systems. The acquisition, valued at $120 million in cash and stock, facilitates integration of both companies’ technologies. This strategic move allows AeroVironment to accelerate the incorporation of AI and autonomy into its platforms, providing solutions to meet operational requirements. Tomahawk Robotics’ Kinesis, an AI-enabled control system adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense and the defense industry, will empower warfighters to operate interconnected robotic solutions and share information. The acquisition underscores AeroVironment’s commitment to innovation and global expansion, serving over 55 allied nations.

Layoffs: ironNet

IronNet, a prominent federal cybersecurity company established by former intelligence and defense leaders, is confronting potential bankruptcy and widespread employee furloughs, as disclosed in a recent regulatory filing. This grim situation follows a significant reduction in its workforce, which plummeted from 316 employees in January 2022 to just 104 a year later. The board’s decision to initiate downsizing efforts comes less than eight weeks after securing a deal with venture capital firm C5 Capital to take the company private. There are relentless challenges and uncertainties in the cybersecurity landscape even for well-established entities with influential backing.

Hiring: RTX

RTX, formerly Raytheon Technologies, is Connecticut’s largest private-sector employer with multiple facilities across the state. Presently, RTX has almost 1,100 full-time job openings available in Connecticut and over 300 internships, with engineering roles comprising 54% of the available positions. While it’s confirmed that Collins Aerospace will make minor workforce reductions, specific details regarding Connecticut job cuts remain undisclosed. RTX is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

Cleared Employer at Work: BOeing

Veterans make up nearly 15% of our U.S. workforce and we know the transition to civilian life provides an opportunity to upskill and grow. Join us and work with advanced aerospace and defense technologies that help keep the world safe and bring our heroes home. Explore our opportunities.

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Opportunity to Watch

Textron Aviation is expanding its Interior Manufacturing Facility (IMF) by 16,000 square feet to meet the rising demand for unique Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft interiors. This expansion enables streamlined production processes, centralizing machinery for the entire lineup of Cessna Citation jets, Beechcraft King Air, and Cessna SkyCourier turboprop aircraft. With a focus on exceeding customer expectations in quality and craftsmanship, Textron Aviation’s dedicated team designs tailored aircraft environments. The larger facility accommodates new models and future developments, including the Cessna Citation Ascend and Beechcraft Denali, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability through energy-efficient upgrades. This move underscores Textron Aviation’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the aviation industry.

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