From application to offer, the hiring process can be tricky territory to navigate. Lumen, an industry leader in the technology and communications sphere, integrates their innovative tech with transparency and attentive communication.

attentive recruitment strategies

Justin Walker, Senior Director of Intel and Special Programs applied for an opportunity and was impressed with how Lumen stayed in touch with him as he considered a job transition. The hiring process is often criticized for a lack of communication – but Walker found the opposite at Lumen. “Throughout that [time] period, the recruiter just stayed in touch with me,” Walker said.

“Anytime there was an opportunity that even remotely matched my skillset, she immediately reached out and we had an additional conversation about that role.”

Lumen’s collaborative approach to interviews

After the initial round of interviews, Lumen takes a collaborative approach to matching candidates with open positions, “I did have an initial interview with my supervisor,” Walker explained, “but then it was opened up to a panel interview.”

Many positions include a panel interview and typically the panel consists of different organizations throughout the enterprise. “That allowed me as a candidate to ask some really pointed questions about their organization, their capabilities,” Walker said.

“There’s a facilitation of collaboration because you’re being interviewed by people across the enterprise to make sure that you’re a good match. Not only for your organization but for the company at large.”

next-gen powered assesSments

The initial stages of applying vary depending on the job you’re applying for, but some candidates like Charlene Sloan, Senior Manager of Federal Programs, find joy in the process. “I actually found it kind of fun,” Sloan laughed. “When you get to the next step, they have a series of [AI-based] games that you play.”

The goal of the game challenges is to learn more about how candidate’s work with and process information, and then a video interview, enabled by AI technology, evaluates fit to a role based on job-specific competencies that are critical to success in the position. Sloan was impressed by that element. “Since we’re a technology company, it’s cool that we’re using the latest and greatest in technology to help find the best candidate for the job.”


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