The Partnership for Public Service has called for swift action to fully fund the government after the passage of a short-term continuing resolution that staved off a shutdown for 45 days. While a temporary solution is preferable to a shutdown, the organization emphasizes that Congress must prioritize fully funding the government for fiscal 2024 to meet basic responsibilities and rebuild public trust. A recent survey by the Partnership found that a majority of respondents expressed concern about a shutdown and its personal impact. The organization also highlights that federal agencies have spent weeks preparing for a potential shutdown, diverting their focus from critical national matters. To prevent future crises, the Partnership recommends considering reforms such as multiyear appropriations and biennial budgeting.

Layoffs: RTX

Raytheon Technologies, now known as RTX, is set to lay off 27 workers at its Dallas plant, located near Dallas Love Field Airport. The move is tied to the closure of the facility due to declining business and budget cuts. RTX recently completed a reorganization, transitioning from four business units to three. This decision reflects the aerospace and defense manufacturing giant’s efforts to adapt to changing market conditions. The closure could potentially create a redevelopment opportunity in the area, given the prime location of the plant near downtown Dallas and rising real estate values.

Hiring: IRS

The IRS is ramping up its hiring efforts, posting more than 3,700 job openings for revenue agents specializing in large corporate and complex partnership compliance. This move aligns with the IRS’s strategy to shift enforcement activities away from individuals and small businesses making less than $400,000 annually. The agency is seeking “mid-career” financial service professionals with specialized experience and education in complicated tax compliance issues. These agents will examine the most complex tax returns, especially those from organizations with extensive national or international operations. The IRS is focusing on enhancing enforcement for wealthier individuals and complex entities while sparing average individual taxpayers and small businesses from increased audits.

Cleared Employer at Work: ClearanceJobS

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Opportunity to Watch

The Department of Defense (DoD) is establishing two BRAVO AI Battle Labs, in collaboration with the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office and the Defense Innovation Unit, at the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) and the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM). These labs will facilitate learning from DoD data and conduct hackathons to develop data analytic and AI capabilities. By working directly with warfighters, the labs aim to design and test capabilities that meet their specific needs, enhancing the DoD’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. The initiative also seeks to strengthen collaboration between government entities, industry partners, coalition members, and the public to foster innovation in addressing defense challenges.

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