Negotiating a better severance package after a layoff is not just a possibility; it’s a smart move. These packages, often based on years of service, can be enhanced. Here are five ways to shoot to cushion your exit strategy a little more.

  1. Negotiate Your Severance: When facing a layoff, don’t hesitate to negotiate your severance package. You can often secure better terms by discussing options like a lump-sum payment or accelerated stock vesting.
  2. Utilize Unused Benefits: Ensure your unused vacation and sick days align with your records, and request any necessary adjustments to your severance package.
  3. Seek Job Placement Assistance: In many layoffs, companies offer job placement assistance to help you find new employment. If it’s not included, don’t hesitate to ask for this valuable support.
  4. Maintain Health Benefits: If you need continued healthcare coverage, make a compelling case to your employer. They might agree to cover their portion of the bill for an extended period.
  5. Consider Legal Review: Before signing any agreement, consider having an attorney review it. They can identify concerning clauses and ensure the terms are fair.

Remember, while negotiating your exit can be fruitful, be realistic about your expectations.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: Sentar

Sentar Inc., a women-owned small business specializing in advanced cyber intelligence solutions, has secured a $6.7 million contract for IT Service Management (ITSM) Support for the National Cyber Range Complex (NCRC). This initiative plays a crucial role in bolstering the Department of Defense’s (DoD) cybersecurity readiness through realistic testing environments and training for the Cyber Mission Force (CMF). Sentar will focus on Configuration Management and Release and Deployment Management, supporting the NCRC’s mission efficiently.

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Cleared Opportunities

Collins Aerospace has unveiled “The Grid,” a state-of-the-art $50 million electric power systems lab in Rockford, IL. This facility will play a crucial role in advancing hybrid-electric propulsion and more electric systems for aviation, aligning with the industry’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The lab, spanning 25,000 square feet with an initial test capability of 8 megawatts, will enable Collins to develop cutting-edge electric motors, controllers, generators, and distribution systems. As aviation seeks greener alternatives, The Grid will be pivotal in creating more powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly electric systems for the next generation of aircraft.

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