Booz Allen does some of the most important work in national security—work that protects against threats and impacts the safety of others. Work that’s so important, it can’t be openly discussed. Work that’s truly meaningful to those who touch it.

Whether you’re transitioning out of the military or interested in pivoting to a national security role, Booz Allen’s breadth of career opportunities means you’ll find fulfillment in this mission-forward work.

But what kind of exciting work does Booz Allen actually do? What kind of impact can you make at the firm? What is the hiring process and company culture like?

Your questions, answered

You had questions about Booz Allen’s national security work, and they’ve answered a few of the most common below. Read on to learn more about life in a national security role at Booz Allen.

What makes Booz Allen unique in hiring for intelligence and national security jobs?

Jamie FitzGerald, principal and director of Booz Allen’s national business, says that at Booz Allen, “The world is your oyster. Anything you want to do—Booz Allen has it.”

“We build bridges across our organization so you can diversify your skills and expertise to pursue a career that brings you fulfillment,” he says.

In your position at Booz Allen, it’s about following what you’re passionate about—not simply using your clearance. If you choose to pivot to a new role or advance your skillset, you don’t have to go somewhere else. Booz Allen provides the opportunities you want today—and the opportunities you want for your future.

What sorts of national security tasks does Booz Allen tackle?

Booz Allen’s clients take on all kinds of national security missions, and since it’s using the latest technology, the company can bring that knowledge to its clients.

Becky Robertson, vice president of Booz Allen’s cybersecurity practice, notes that there’s diversity in the company’s mission-based approach. “We seamlessly co-locate the possibilities and expertise of our people across different client spaces, whether that’s commercial cyber activity, Department of Defense activity, intelligence community activity, and whether it’s for defense or offense,” she explains. “We do it all—and we connect with other parts of the firm that have a foot into those spaces as well.”

What are the expectations regarding SCIF work?

It likely comes as no surprise that much of the national security work requires working onsite in a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility). That said, Becky notes that, “there are some emerging opportunities that allow space for unclassified work to be conducted remotely.”

Senior Program Manager Ashely Fagan agrees. “We’re having discussions about the future of work with our clients,” says Ashely. “And we’re at the forefront of maintaining a diverse, distributed, and digital national security workforce.”

In addition, in other parts of Booz Allen, the pandemic opened the door to near-exclusive remote work, with employees operating from places all around the globe.

What can a candidate expect during the hiring process?

Christine Rath, a talent acquisition head, explains that the organization strives to ensure that its candidate-centric hiring process is clear.

While the hiring timeline varies based on team, mission, and candidate transition time, you can expect this general process: “Once you apply to a role, a recruiter will review your application,” says Christine. “If there’s a potential fit, you’ll have a phone screen, and next steps may include the formal interview process. This could consist of video interviews, individual interviews, and/or panel interviews with the hiring team. Your recruiter will then be in touch, should you receive an offer.”


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