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The Pentagon finally updates its telework policy, signaling a significant shift towards remote work acceptance. In a move reflective of lessons learned during the pandemic, the new policy emphasizes flexibility. It also acknowledges telework as a privilege rather than an entitlement. With the flexibility to work from approved alternative sites, the policy aims to enhance work-life balance. At the same time, the hope is that the DoD can tap into a broader talent pool.

This strategic move not only bolsters recruitment efforts but also addresses critical skill shortages. The DoD has to find a way to position itself competitively against private sector giants. As the landscape of work evolves, the Pentagon’s embrace of remote work sets a precedent for workplace innovation in the federal sector.

Layoffs: NASA’s Jet Propulsion

Amidst budget uncertainties and Congress’s unclear stance on funding a Mars mission, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has made the difficult decision to lay off 530 workers after exhausting other avenues for budget cuts. In a somber memo to its workforce, JPL Director Laurie Leshin announced the reductions, citing the lack of a finalized FY24 appropriation and uncertainties surrounding the Mars Sample Return budget allocation. The layoffs, accompanied by the release of an additional 40 contractors, mark a distressing turn for the renowned research and development center. Leshin expressed deep regret, calling it the hardest action taken during her tenure, as employees grapple with the sudden and unexpected news.

Hiring: Noblis

Noblis, a nonprofit organization, is currently expanding its workforce with over 200 job openings across various locations, including Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, and San Diego. These positions require active security clearances, offering opportunities for individuals to contribute to critical federal missions. Noblis focuses on leveraging science, technology, and engineering expertise within the federal government.

Cleared Employer at Work: Booz Allen

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Opportunity to Watch

BAE Systems secures a pivotal role in upgrading Boeing’s MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueling system for the U.S. Navy. BAE will enhance its vehicle management system computer (VMSC) to boost computing power and tackle obsolescence challenges. This modernization promises improved performance and mission flexibility for the MQ-25. BAE has key expertise in flight-critical systems, and they are committed to advancing military aviation technology.

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