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Despite the growing influence of artificial intelligence in HR technology, a recent survey by SHL reveals that only 12% of HR professionals have utilized AI-based assessments in the hiring process, indicating a prevailing hesitancy toward its adoption. While AI proves valuable in automating repetitive tasks and providing insights, concerns persist regarding hidden biases, explainability, candidate reactions, legal implications, and accuracy in performance prediction. This cautious approach underscores the ongoing need for human involvement in thorough candidate evaluation and decision-making, with many HR leaders emphasizing the importance of leveraging AI to streamline administrative tasks while prioritizing thoughtful hiring decisions.

Layoffs: Google

Google’s recent layoffs across various teams, including Voice Assistant, hardware, engineering, and ad sales, signal a strategic shift towards streamlining operations amidst record profits. The move, impacting thousands, underscores the tech industry’s ongoing trend of reducing workforce expenses. While the focus on AI development intensifies, concerns mount among employees about job security, reflecting the delicate balance between innovation and human welfare in the era of automation.

Philipp Schindler, Google’s senior vice president, emphasized, “I want to be clear, when we restructure, there’s always an opportunity to be more efficient and smarter in how we service and grow our customers. We’re not restructuring because AI is taking away roles that’s important here. But we see significant opportunities here with our AI-powered solution to deliver incredible ROI at scale, and that’s why we’re doing some of those adjustments.”

Hiring: BlueHalo

BlueHalo’s acquisition of Eqlipse Technologies marks a significant milestone for the company, propelling its growth trajectory and positioning it as a major player in U.S. government contracting work.

CEO Jonathan Moneymaker’s announcement of accelerated work in Albuquerque, accompanied by plans for a $15M investment and additional hires in 2024. BlueHalo is committed to expanding its presence and capabilities.

Elizabeth Mashakas, SVP Talent Acquisition, shared on LinkedIn BlueHalo’s dedication to talent acquisition, stating, “As BlueHalo grows, we continue to look to bring in highly talented individuals all across the country, to include an additional 150 hiring needs within 2024 in the Albuquerque market.”

With the transaction expected to close within six weeks, BlueHalo anticipates reaching an employee count of over 2,400 across 11 states and achieving annual revenue close to $1 billion, signaling a promising future for the combined entity.

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Opportunity to Watch

ASRC Federal’s subsidiary, ASRC Federal Facilities Logistics, LLC, secures a pivotal Navy Industrial Prime Vendor Generation IV contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, valued at up to $500 million. Led by Jennifer Felix, ASRC Federal continues their partnership with the U.S. Navy, emphasizing their deep understanding of customer needs and exceptional procurement solutions.

The contract extends until 2034 and encompasses supply chain management and logistics services for depot maintenance across various aviation weapon systems, ensuring reliable support for fleet and warfighter readiness. Chris Frye, ASRC Federal’s senior vice president for supply chain management and logistics, underscores their commitment to integrated solutions, including demand planning, inventory management, and quality assurance, to meet critical mission requirements.

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