In the rapidly evolving landscape of STEM, data science stands out as a dynamic field shaping our world. Government agencies and contractors alike are in constant need of top-tier cleared talent in data science to drive innovation and ensure national security. Here are some key steps to land a cleared job in data science.

one: Obtain the Right Education:

A bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a related field is often the minimum requirement. While advanced degrees aren’t necessary, they can significantly enhance your prospects.

Two: Develop Programming Skills:

Proficiency in programming languages like SQL, Python, C++ and Java is a must, along with analytical tools like R, Excel and Tableau Public. Additionally, having expertise in statistics and the ability to problem solve and think critically are crucial. 

Three: Gain Practical Experience:

Real-world experience is invaluable in the data science field. Seek internships, part-time roles, or projects that allow you to apply your skills and learn from seasoned professionals. 

Four: Obtain Certifications:

With your security clearance in tow, adding certifications like Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) or SAS Certified Data Scientist can validate your expertise and enhance your credibility. Look for certifications that align with industry standards and emerging technologies.

Five: Stay Current and Network:

Data science is ever evolving, so staying updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques is necessary. Networking with professionals in the industry, attending workshops, and participating in online forums can open doors to job opportunities and collaborations.  

With your foundation set, and a commitment to continuously honing your skills, your cleared career in data science is in sight.  

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Phoebe Wells is the Public Relations & Partnerships Marketing Manager at ClearanceJobs and loves every aspect of her role. Creating content and working with the CJ team to connect cleared candidates with employers is incredibly rewarding, as the work ClearanceJobs does ultimately supports the mission of the U.S. As the daughter of a veteran and former cleared worker, she knows the sacrifices security and defense professionals make. She is honored to assist them in leveling up their careers. Plus, she gets to work from home in the Adirondack Mountains with her partner and two huskies!