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Military Brass Isn’t Excited about a Space Force. Who Cares?

Tom McCuin / Aug 14, 2018

The press is making hay that top Pentagon officials are not giving a space force their full-throated endorsement. But frankly, that doesn’t really matter.

Taliban Seizure of Ghazni City Returns Terror Organization to its Roots

Tom McCuin / Aug 13, 2018

Ghazni City is home to historical icons and crucial highway intersections leading to population centers in the region. Seizing the city is an “old school Taliban” move – and one that requires swift retaliation by Afghan forces.

It’s Official: US Space Force Will Become a Reality

Tom McCuin / Aug 10, 2018

It’s easy to make “space cadet” and Star Trek jokes, but space as a warfighting domain is serious business. The space force is an idea whose time has come.

After 10 Years, Russian Invasion of Georgia Continues to Wreak Geopolitical Havoc

Tom McCuin / Aug 9, 2018

Ten years ago this week, Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia, its much, much smaller Caucasian neighbor to the south. With implications for NATO and Crimea, the geopolitical fallout is still felt today.

Uproar over Military Social Media Highlights Civilian-Military Divide

Tom McCuin / Aug 8, 2018

The military has a responsibility to sell itself to potential recruits through social media and other military displays – but some civilians see this as “propaganda” of war and the warfighter.