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Are We Cutting Corners to Cut Security Clearance Wait Times?

Tom McCuin / Dec 17, 2018

The use of automation and “big data analytics” can help speed the investigative process. My own worry is what happens once that data collection is complete.

US Support in Yemen Support is Critical to Ensuring Iran Doesn’t Fill the Power Void

Tom McCuin / Dec 14, 2018

Yemen is back in the news. On the same day the belligerents reached a tentative agreement to back off the fighting in Hodeidah, the U.S. Senate passed a War Powers Act resolution to end their support for the Saudi effort.

Could US Troops Build a Border Wall?

Tom McCuin / Dec 13, 2018

Is it legal to use troops to build the wall? Is is possible to do this as a substitute for Congressional action? And is this a wise use of the military?

Russian Bombers in Venezuela Another Example of Russian Provocation, Not Action

Tom McCuin / Dec 12, 2018

The U.S. will not overreact to this move, because it shouldn’t. But the press has been trained fear all things Russian, so it will interpret a lack of reaction for a capitulation to Moscow.

Mattis Steps in to Right the Course on Niger Reprimands

Tom McCuin / Dec 11, 2018

American service members have another reason to love Secretary of Defense James Mattis. As if the troops needed another reason to love Secretary of Defense James Mattis.