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Sequestration Debate Delays Senate Defense Bill

Tom McCuin / Sep 18, 2017

The goal is always to have the NDAA passed before Oct. 1. That’s unlikely to happen this year, thanks to the Senate’s inability to come to terms with the spending limits Congress imposed during the Obama years.

When Integrity Requires You to Leave – Morell Quits Harvard Over Manning Appointment

Tom McCuin / Sep 15, 2017

“I have an obligation to my conscience — and I believe to the country,” Morell wrote, “to stand up to any efforts to justify leaks of sensitive national security information.”

Trump’s Showdown with McCain Over Defense Bill

Tom McCuin / Sep 14, 2017

By the looks of the OMB statement, this administration is not on the same page with a Congress controlled by the same party.

Hollywood Predicts Iran-North Korean Cooperation on Nukes

Tom McCuin / Sep 13, 2017

Despite sanctions, North Korea’s nuclear program continues. Not only that, it’s accelerated faster than anyone thought possible. Someone has got to be helping.

Sessions Proposes Polygraphs for All National Security Council Staff

Tom McCuin / Sep 12, 2017

The attorney general wants to find the person or persons responsible for leaking the transcripts of presidential phone calls.