This week, a reader asked how his interim security clearance was rescinded without explanation or notice. A copy of his JPAS record revealed two “incidents” related to foreign influence and personal conduct but didn’t outline the specifics, or provide who had made the reports.

He asks how he can find out who turned the incident reports in, and why he didn’t received notification – is the government required to notify security cleared professionals if an incident report is made?

A: No. As noted by security clearance consultant William Henderson, “Many people learn about Incident Reports after the fact. The Government does not have to notify them about the Incident Report. The Government does not have to justify or even disclose the reason for an interim clearance declination, because an interim clearance declination is not a clearance denial.”

I recommend submitting a Privacy Act request asking for everything DODCAF has on you. It’s really hard to say what’s going on until you see the Incident Report.”

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