For some job markets, the competition could be fierce for the best candidates. details how to beat your competitors. The key takeaway is to understand what the candidate wants and tailor your offer. When the best talent is on the line, don’t assume that the typical benefits are good enough.

According to a recent survey, the self employed IT professional does not miss commuting, holiday parties, or performance reviews, but they do miss health insurance, retirement plans, and brainstorming with colleagues. Offer the self employed IT professional the security and desired team collaboration – without the time in the car and corporate extras.

Sure, social media is important in the recruiting world. That’s old news. But the resume going the way of the dinosaurs? Clearly, the simple 2D two-pager doesn’t do anyone justice. Instead, the real way to recruit or job hunt is with an online profile. Online profiles give recruiters a more complete picture of candidates, demonstrating elements such as personality and workplace preferences.

Who’s Hiring

One company taking the push to hire veterans seriously is Intel. The company, which employs 4300 vets was recently recognized by the Department of Defense for its veteran hiring initiatives. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich touts the many benefits of hiring veterans, but he also believes it’s simply the right thing to do.

The so-called STEM shortage is affecting the defense industry. Despite budget cuts for DOD’s aerospace line, the aerospace industry finds itself with a recruiting dilemma – a graying workforce, and a limited supply of workers interested in defense careers. A large percentage of aerospace workers are set to retire in the coming years. The supply of new talent to take their place is low due to tough competition from other industries. Aerospace and defense companies are losing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors to other more alluring careers offering better compensation and different job responsibilities.

Who’s Acquiring

Medina-based Polaris Industries, Inc acquired St Paul-based Primordial, Inc. In addition to industry offerings, Polaris manufactures military all terrain vehicles. Primordial specializes in military navigation software. Polaris plans to retain Primordial’s eleven employees and states that the addition of Primordial rounds out Polaris’ defense capabilities.

Who’s Firing

Lockheed Martin has announced its plans to layoff 145 employees from its Salina and Owego locations and 240 employees from its Moorestown, NJ site. Lockheed is planning to reduce its US Missions Systems and Training business by 600 employees. Lockheed says the layoffs are not related to the recent government shutdown; however, the company cites delayed contract awards, ambiguous funding, and competition as the reason for the layoffs.

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