ClearanceJobs is always looking for new ways to educate recruiters about the Cleared Network. User training is held regularly in the Washington, D.C. area. ClearanceJobs founder and Managing Director, Evan Lesser, provides the inside scoop on how to use the features of the Cleared Network, from company profiles to broadcast messaging features.

The capstone of the event is the networking reception – playfully called an ‘un-career fair.’ Unlike traditional career fairs, with long lines and a number of unpromising leads, the un-career fair brings together a small number of highly qualified cleared professionals and motivated defense industry recruiters. Complete with food, drinks, and an MC who keeps the conversation moving, the un-career fair is a great way to network informally.

“This has been one of the best career fairs I’ve ever been to,” said Sam Bromley, after attending a recent un-career fair. “I’ve been to career fairs where it’s about 50-60 people per recruiter. Here it’s almost one to one. In about 10 minutes I’ve already met with three different recruiters and made three good connections.”

Small numbers and an informal setting make it easier to build connections that aren’t just about an immediate hiring need, but are about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship – exactly what the Cleared Network is designed to do online.

“The un-career fair is basically taking the standard career fair and turning its on its end, and trying to do things differently, ” said Lesser. “Candidates actually have the opportunity to talk to every employer at the event, not just the ones they stood in line for and managed to get to.”

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