Transitioning from a military career to a civilian one? Here is a round-up of some of our top military transition articles, published within the last year. Read on to learn about top cities, top skills, and other need-to-know news. For more details on transitioning, check out our Veteran Career Guide.

Top Careers for Vets – No Degree Required

You’ve just finished a military career and you’re not quite ready to hit the books full time. Here’s the good news  – with these top careers for vets, you don’t have to.

Top Five Cities for Veterans to Find Jobs

For veterans looking for jobs, this list of top five cities is a great place to start. Make geography a part of your job search strategy to get the best results.

Unconventional Ways to Use Your GI Bill Benefits

Each year, hundreds of thousands of service members and veterans take advantage of the GI Bill and pursue a form of higher education. While going to a brick and mortar college is probably one of the most well-known ways to use your GI bill education credits, there are also some unconventional programs that qualify for funding.

Five Questions Vets Should Ask in an Interview

Preparing for an interview? Veteran interview questions should be specific. Don’t forget to generate a list of questions for a potential employer.

Lost in Military Transition – Considerations Before Getting Out

Leaving your cleared, military job? Some things to consider if you have the “transition bug,” to help ensure your military transition doesn’t become a fruitless and frustrating search.


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