In the wake of claims of falsified reports and a data breach likely perpetrated by a foreign government, the largest investigator of security clearance background investigations found itself going from the hot seat to no seat. Just two weeks ago the government announced it was cancelling contracts with USIS, leaving thousands of background investigators in the lurch.  But, not for long. In the rush to ensure background investigations proceed with minimal delays, the existing companies are on a push to ensure new openings get filled – fast.

KeyPoint Government Solutions is now the largest provider of security clearance investigations to the U.S. Government. CACI is another leading defense contractor with significant security clearance investigation work. Many former USIS background investigators are accepting new positions with these companies. Others are leaving the field entirely to pursue other work. Almost all of them are asking – what’s next for security clearance background investigations? Insourcing? A final push to improve technology? And what does continuous monitoring mean for the standard investigation? A lot remains to be seen, but for those pursuing career options, background investigation companies are hiring.

From a recent KeyPoint Government Solutions press release:

In the last three months, KeyPoint, which operates in all 50 states and U.S. territories and protectorates, has doubled the size of its national workforce of security-clearance investigative professionals.  However, KeyPoint CEO Eric Hess says making strategic investments that anticipate, not merely react to, broader opportunities to serve the company’s U.S. Government customers, means that even with its strong recent growth, KeyPoint is focused on expanding its workforce still further.

“The services that KeyPoint delivers to our U.S. Government customers require seasoned and highly specialized investigative professionals,” Hess said.  “The critical nature of the work we do calls for a unique skills set and a predisposition to meticulousness and accuracy.  Fortunately, KeyPoint’s culture, our position as the nation’s largest provider of security-clearance background investigations to the U.S. Government, and the extensive resources of our nationwide network makes the company an attractive destination for the clearance sector’s top talent.”

“We’re receiving a tremendous amount of interest from security-clearance professionals who are seeking new, high-quality career opportunities,” Hess said.  “Among the elements that are resonating most with candidates is KeyPoint’s commitment to growing management and leadership talent from within.”

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