Jen B., Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, tells how she landed her cleared job.

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1. What was the process that led to your job?

I maintained my resume on the site, but obtained my current job by a referral.  I was recommended when a position became available and forwarded my resume to my current boss.  She reviewed it and I was scheduled for an interview.

2. Did you interview with the company? How did that go?

I knew a lot about the company through friends and family who work there so I was prepared and understood what would be expected of me in the interview.  I also already knew the two people interviewing me so I was comfortable and able to express myself.

3. What led you to apply/interview for the position?

I had recently upgraded my clearance and therefore was finally eligible for the job I wanted.  I knew I really wanted to work for the company and was really willing to take anything that I qualified for, that was near me and that paid a decent salary just so I could get a job with my company.  Its been almost 5 years and I’m still here and happy.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking for a job like yours?

Network, network, network.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for recommendations and keep your resume up to date so if something comes up you’re ready.  Most of the people in my office were hired because someone vouched for them.  The intelligence community is very small, so chances are someone will know you. Don’t burn any bridges and try to maintain the biggest network of professional contacts that you can.  If you know a lot of people then you have a lot of people looking out for you.


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