In today’s challenging marketplace, you can’t afford to leave any tricks up your sleeve. You never know which tactic is going to uncover the candidate you’re seeking, so give these a try.

Active Talent Radar

It’s maddening when you find the perfect candidate, but then see they haven’t logged in for months. Using Active Talent Radar, you can tag a candidate so you’ll receive alerts when their activity picks up on ClearanceJobs.

From the candidate’s profile, select “Set Alert” and toggle the on/off switch to “On”. Set alert preferences to get an email, text or Cleared Network notification when candidates log in or start applying for jobs. (Of course – you can always pick up the phone and call them, too…)

Multiple Tags on Candidates

When you’re building talent pipelines in ClearanceJobs, you can now associate multiple filters, or tags, with one candidate. For instance, if you have a candidate who is a TS Software Engineer in the DC Metro area, you can assign 3 separate tags to that candidate: “Top Secret” + “Software Engineer” + “DC Metro.” Then, the candidate will come up any time you filter by “Top Secret” or “Software Engineer” or “DC Metro”… And they’ll also come up when you filter by all three of those combined tags. This gives you more flexibility in how you build your talent pipeline.

Chat Much?

Ever wonder what those red bubbles mean in your search results? It’s an indication that the candidate is online now. All you need to do is click on the red bubble, and a chat window will initiate on their end. This is a great way to get the jump on other recruiters vying for the same talent.

Activate and Customize Your Personal Connection Note

Every time you make a connection on ClearanceJobs, you have the ability to send an auto-generated personal note to your new connection. Make sure you’ve activated this option in your Cleared Network settings.

From the sidebar menu: <Cleared Network, <Network, <Settings. Scroll to the bottom, and under “Personal Connection Note” toggle the yes/no switch to enable this option. Make sure to “Preview” the personal connection note too, and it’s also a great idea to have a profile picture before you activate this feature. A personal greeting with a link to your profile goes a long way toward making security-conscious cleared professionals curious about you.

This is also a great time to check all your settings to make sure your candidate connection settings are as you want them to be.

Happy Hour

Cleared connections, great candidate engagement, exclusive content – I mean, what is NOT to love about Happy Hour?

Every Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m. ET, we have our very own ClearanceJobs Happy Hour. This is a time of high activity on our site, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it, and schedule a recurring meeting in your calendar. Where is it? How do you get there? It’s on, and you just log in. Super simple.

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Stephanie Ramm was hired in 2006 to manage ClearanceJobs marketing. Since then, she’s dabbled in everything from event planning to marketing automation to sales training. She's currently the General Manager of ClearanceJobs.