The votes are in – security cleared professionals participating in a recent ClearanceJobs survey ranked their top 10 ideal employers. Northrop Grumman ranked fourth in the survey. And in an industry that struggles to be family friendly and offer job flexibility, Northrop ranked highly specifically for its desirable workplace and the quality of its team.

When indicating what attributes make Northrop Grumman a great employer, candidates listed caliber of staff, manageable working hours, and great office environment as top attributes. ClearanceJobs recently had the opportunity to ask Northrop Grumman for more information about what makes Northrop Grumman one of the top contracting companies for cleared professionals. Here’s our Q and A with Mark Root, Corporate Director of Media Relations at Northrop Grumman.

Why do you think Northrop Grumman got high remarks for quality/caliber of staff?

Our staff sustains top performance through participation in continuing education, Northrop Grumman development programs, leadership, mentoring and rotational assignments to promote diverse experiences and skills development.

Also, throughout the company, employees collaborate with colleagues on projects that support our customers, increase business efficiency and support our mission of helping ensure global security. We tout our employees’ accomplishments internally through company magazines, newsletters and conferences, and externally on digital and traditional media, as well as at events.

How does Northrop Grumman promote work-life balance?

We provide a work environment where employees can flex their hours to accommodate their personal life. We give employees the option to telework, and when needed take advantage of our leave policy that is available for personal, health or other reasons.

What makes the Northrop Grumman office environment great?

We work hard to promote an inclusive culture and work environment. Our technology heritage, from the moon landing, to cybersecurity leadership  to developing the first autonomous vehicle to take off from an aircraft carrier, and then land on it, is one reason many people find working here inspiring and meaningful.

What attributes make a great Northrop Grumman employee?

Employees, who are mission-focused, highly-skilled, innovative, and eager to learn and grow and challenge themselves will be successful at Northrop Grumman.

What are some of your current hiring priorities?

We continually search for qualified candidates with bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in multiple fields, including but not limited to: software engineers (Java, Cloud, Ruby on Rails), system engineers, digital signal processing, systems test and integration, systems administration (Linux, Unix), intelligence analysis embedded software engineer, RF engineer (survivability/antenna/microwave design and integration), information assurance engineer and air vehicle engineer. Current domestic hiring locations include but are not limited to: Maryland, Virginia, California and Florida.

What can a new employee expect to experience at Northrop Grumman that they wouldn’t experience somewhere else?

An inclusive environment that values diversity of thought and experience, combined with a sharp focus on innovation, collaboration, and employee professional development and engagement.

How important is cleared talent to what your company does?

Qualified, cleared talent is essential to our business. We serve a number of customers who engage in mission-critical endeavors that require a specially-trusted workforce. We invite high-performing cleared talent to consider a career at Northrop Grumman.

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