The old method of job search is dead. For both employers and candidates, ‘post and pray’ is no longer a viable strategy. Whether it’s posting a resume and waiting a response or posting a job opening and waiting for an application, both sides of the hiring equation can see dynamic networking and social recruiting are the name of the game. It was a trend a defense recruiter described in an article on 2016 social recruiting trends to watch:

“The typical resume viewing board is becoming obsolete, wrote Maria Whitney, Senior Recruiter at Smartronix. “The best internet job boards are transitioning into social networking sites that incorporate more than just basic resume content.”

Whether you’re actively or passively job searching, how you make lasting connections with recruiters is the critical difference. Now ClearanceJobs is giving candidates one more way to connect with the top defense employers, through our company directory. (You must log-in to view the directory).

What is a Company Directory?

If you’re looking for a new job, you’re absolutely going to be searching the nearly 20,000 cleared job openings at From those job listings, you can find companies to follow, connect with recruiters, and learn more about the employer. The problem? Not all companies post all of their current jobs. If an employer has hiring needs they haven’t posted, how can you get your networking game on?

Enter the ClearanceJobs Company Directory. It’s an easy way to search by name to find some of the amazing companies out there. Did you meet someone who worked for a certain company, but you’re not sure of the best way to connect with them? Are you hesitant to reach out through unsecured, unvetted social networking sites? On the ClearanceJobs Company Directory, you know you’ll only find cleared defense employers with current government contracts. In many cases, you can put a face and a name behind that employer through a direct connection with a recruiter. You can also easily find links to more information about the company, current hiring needs, benefits information, and more.

As we move into 2017, landing the right job won’t come down to who has the best resume, but who built the best network. Make connecting with companies a part of your career strategy. And make the ClearanceJobs Company Directory your first destination.

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