So you want to hunt space aliens, but can’t find anyone to pay you to do it. You wouldn’t be the first. While there are no listings on ClearanceJobs for “UFO hunter” (or “UAP hunter”—unexplained aerial phenomena), there are places where sightings happen often enough that hunting little green men may as well be in the job description. Here are a few places known for UFO sightings, and a few jobs you can expect to find there. You’ll need a clearance or (eligibility for one), because of course you need a clearance to work where they’re hiding the flying saucers.

Nellis Air Force Base

This entire article could consist of nine words: Just get a job at Nellis Air Force Base. Where do I even start. UFOlogists divide alien species by their distinct characteristics. There are the Grays—the short, skinny creatures with giant, glossy eyes. The Reptilians, who might secretly control the government (if my brake lines fail mysteriously, you’ll know the truth). And, among others, the Tall Whites, which are… well… tall and white. There is (allegedly) a Tall White base at Nellis.

I’m not saying for sure that there is! But if there is, you would do well to work there. Because that cleared job for an administrative assistant might be for an Air Force officer. But it might be for someone—or something—a bit more exotic.

Among the companies hiring at Nellis are AECOM and Lockheed Martin. As of June 2018, most jobs listed in the ClearanceJobs database are Top Secret (of course!) and orbit the aviation field—especially for aircraft engineers, mechanics, and technicians. (The F-35 is responsible for many of these jobs. That’s a pretty advanced plane. Wonder where we learned to make it?)

Denver International Airport

The Reptilians live beneath Denver International Airport. Allegedly! I’m not saying there are space aliens who live in subterranean airport bunkers connected by a labyrinth of tunnels, but there are definitely tunnels down there, and maybe bunkers. Reptilians remains a question mark—for now. Get a job there and perhaps you can answer the greatest question to yet vex humankind.

The vast majority of posted Denver jobs are in the information technology field. Lockheed Martin alone employs over 9,000 in the state. They first set up shop in Denver in the mid-1950s at the request of the Air Force, who wanted to bring its rocket capability inland, safe from enemy attack. An hour south of Denver (if you want a long commute) is Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy. No branch of the military is more associated with flying saucers than the Air Force. It can’t be a coincidence.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Aliens love them some airports, and why not? How better to night-land your spacecraft than among the camouflage of 747s and A380s? O’Hare was home to a relatively recent UFO mass sighting. According to the excellent The Outsiders Guide to UFOs, by James Abbott, a dozen airport employees in 2006 witnessed a silver flying saucer hovering directly over Gate C-17. It was reported to the tower, possibly photographed by a pilot, and the FAA very suspiciously failed to investigate. I mean, the feds will investigate your dry shampoo now, but not an obvious alien spaceship? Interesting. Either they already know, or they don’t want to know.

But you can. And if you know computer hardware or software, you won’t hurt for job opportunities. One of the largest companies hiring is Flash Technology Group, a woman-owned information technology and cybersecurity company with offices in Chicago. The jobs uniformly require Top Secret clearance, so plan accordingly.

Tucson, Arizona

Earlier this year, the following conversation occurred over Tucson, Arizona:

Pilot: Was anybody, uh, above us, who passed above us thirty seconds ago?
Air Traffic Control: Negative.
Pilot: Well, something did.
Co-Pilot: It was a UFO.

Now UFO doesn’t have to mean space aliens. But it could! One guy recently recorded a flying saucer zipping about. Tucson in the last two years has had prodigious UAP activity. Something is going on out there. If you are hunting UFOs, this is the year to get to Arizona.

According to the ClearanceJobs database, the Tucson job market is hot with jobs from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It’s a great city for electrical engineers and aerial reconnaissance experts—the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command Test Center, where weapons systems are evaluated for the Air Reserve Component, is located there. And if the Air Force happened to acquire alien technology, after all, they would have to test it somewhere.

One more thing: If none of these areas are to your liking, you can always get a job at the FBI. Before Fox Mulder worked on the X-Files, he was in the Violent Crimes Unit. You can start as field agent and work your way up to space aliens.

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