The high demand for cleared tech professionals means that candidates are in the driver’s seat. Tech pros have options when it comes to choosing an employer, and they’re increasingly choosing the one who recognizes they have a life outside of work. Employees don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach – they want to be treated like individuals. Microsoft has done an exemplary job of providing employees with the benefits and flexibility they need – and their employees agree.

Microsoft’s flexibility lets employees choose their own adventure

“Microsoft puts such an emphasis on work-life balance,” says Megumi, a Program Manager and Air Force veteran who came to Microsoft as she was transitioning out of the military.  “I thought when I was transitioning into the corporate world that it was going to be so intense all of the time, but Microsoft does care about the life part and the balance part.”

Megumi recently transferred from the Reston, VA office to the team in Redmond, WA, but opted to live in downtown Seattle.

“Microsoft has the commuter buses called the Connector, and so that’s what I take every day to and from work. You can kind of pick and choose what part of the city works for you, whether you have a family, whether you’re single and want to be in the city, whether you want to be walkable to work.”

Laura, who works with customers based in D.C., loves that her work at Microsoft isn’t tied to a single contract – there’s room to move and grow. “I think the best thing about my life at Microsoft is the flexibility that it offers. I’m not tied down to one project or one engineering contract, I can move around to different areas and it can fit into my lifestyle, so the flexibility in doing that and allowing for other training opportunities throughout the year is really exciting.”

Microsoft helps employees flourish both personally and professionally

Microsoft not only cares for its employees, but for the community. That’s why it created the Microsoft Philanthropies Program, which matches employee contributions and volunteer hours to eligible charities.

“My favorite benefit is the Microsoft philanthropies program,” says Jamal, a Senior Consultant in Reston. “There’s tremendous impact where we as employees are given that opportunity to impact those organizations, and that’s something that that really excites me and makes me proud to work for this company.”

For Adam, a Service Engineer in Redmond, Microsoft’s work-life integration hits even closer to home. As an Army Special Forces veteran, he appreciates Microsoft’s fitness and wellness program benefits. But as a husband and father of four daughters, he appreciates the company’s parental leave policy and overall flexibility.

“Microsoft really rewards you based on what you’ve accomplished. They don’t say, ‘Hey, you know, we’re going to put these hard limits,’ like this time to this time. Really, it’s more of a, ‘This is the deliverable we want from you.’ Then if you provide that, they don’t mind what time or where you’re doing it. I’m still doing hard work, but I make my schedule work for me.”

Working for Microsoft means that he never has to choose between work or missing a dance recital – he has the freedom he needs to enjoy both his professional and personal life.


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