Interested in launching a security clearance career? Already have a security clearance, but realizing you don’t know anything about the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), and all of the wonky security clearance rules and regulations surrounding your career? ClearanceJobs has been proud to work with Jeff Bennett, author, publisher, and a security professional with more than 30-years of experience. He has been contributing at ClearanceJobs for more than a decade. In addition to his columns and security writing, Bennett has published several books about the security clearance process.

For the ClearanceJobs book club this month, we’re reading Bennett’s Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances: Get a Clearance; Land the Job. Read it to learn how to get a job with a defense contractor, how to become a cleared employee, and how to protect classified information if you already hold a security clearance.

Unfortunately, most security clearance applicants are unprepared for the hoops they have to jump through, both in the security clearance application, and once they obtain access to classified information. Did you know there are 13 adjudicative criteria used to make security clearance determinations? Did you know lying on the SF-86 is one of the top reasons for clearance denial, and you can be charged for falsifying information on the application? The SF-86 is a more than 100-page form that asks a variety of details about the applicant. It’s important security clearance applicants understand what they’re signing up for, and that defense contractors understand their own requirements.

For government contractors, it’s not as simple as winning a government contract and hiring cleared personnel the NISPOM is the government’s program for contractors with classified contracts. It outlines what Facility Security Officers need to do, including general duties.

Don’t be surprised about the expectations and requirements for new security clearance holders or companies launching a classified program. Read the Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances with us this month, and get all of the details and nuts and bolts you wondered about. It’s a great desk reference for current clearance holders and company FSOs alike!

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