People who thrive at KPMG Federal Advisory are individuals who push their colleagues outside their comfort zones and drive others to success. Innovation, intelligence, and staying current are prized qualities at KPMG, because KPMG Federal Advisory works every day to advance the missions of the federal government and transform from outdated processes to modern solutions.

KPMG Federal Advisory supports federal agencies to stay innovative and transform their technology and business processes to make their programs more efficient. They collaborate with federal clients bringing a holistic perspective, extensive knowledge of government operations, and a technical skillset in program effectiveness, cybersecurity, analytics, and intelligence automation.


The culture at KPMG Federal Advisory certainly supports employees pushing themselves and their coworkers outside their comfort zones, because every person is encouraged to bring their true authentic selves to work. “The culture at KPMG Federal is family-like,” says Brandon Beale, senior associate for Federal Transformation Delivery. “It’s not the work itself the leaders are focused on – it’s us.”

Employees note it’s the people who make the company a great place to work. It’s employees like

At KPMG I really felt like I had people around me who cared about me, who wanted to see me professionally succeed, as much as they wanted to see me personally succeed,” said John Wishon Siegwarth, director, Federal Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk.

When employees feel like their team is in their corner, rallying for them, and supporting them, it improves the quality of the work and the ability of each team to be successful in supporting the client.

“From day one of joining the firm, I stepped into an environment of encouragement, empowerment, and collaboration that I have yet to see at any other competitor,” notes Safa Khaleq, director of Federal Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk.

Encouragement in all facets: to voice your opinion, to stretch your goals, to hit the highest milestones, and to grow professionally with an amazing group of people is what is critical to KPMG being a great place to work.

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