ClearanceJobs recently sat down to chat with Mariel Cisneros, Systems Engineering Manager at Northrop Grumman, about the work she does at Northrop and how they support employees on their career paths.

Mariel has been working at Northrop Grumman since she was 17 years old, starting as an intern after the company held a class at her high school. Most people don’t continue their straight-out-of-high school jobs for the remainder of their career, but with Northrop Grumman’s support and the programs available, Mariel was able to continue her education and branch out into new areas within the company.

“Northrop Grumman just kept allowing me to have the possibility to still have really interactive experiences, and the programs they allowed me to participate in were really interesting and kept growing my career as an engineer,” she explained. “There’s a lot of mobility.”

Northrop Grumman works on unique missions for national security, meaning there’s always something interesting to work on and new areas for career growth and exploration. They’ve worked on a variety of projects including space missions, cyber security, and naval operations.

After that, Mariel worked on many different airplanes, unmanned air mission vehicles, and planes that can help support forces in future wars and bring war fighters home.

Mariel spent a lot of time learning about electrical design because she thought that was what she wanted to do, but when she changed her mind, Northrop Grumman made it easy to move into new areas within the company. They are diverse within their teams, their ideas, and even their programs. They also have encouraging managers, internal job boards, and employee resource groups and clubs that focus on growth in different areas of affinity. These give employees the chance for career mobility and to continue their growth within the company.

Part of Mariel’s job as a manager is helping to coach the thirty engineers under her and supporting them in their career growth. “We get to talk one on one very often and work on their goals together,” she says. On the technical side of her job, she’s also helping analyze current and modern day missions using model-based systems engineering and software simulations.

Even though Mariel changed the direction of her career, she was able to continue working at Northrop Grumman thanks to the support and opportunities for education that they offer. A variety of interesting missions and challenging work, combined with opportunities for networking and education, make Northrop Grumman an ideal place to grow no matter where you are on your career path.


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