Cannabidiol, or CBD, continues to be a topic of discussion among clearance holders supporting the federal government in some capacity. We’ve continually noted that until the feds decide to ease up on pot policy, it’s best to stay away, and that includes CBD with THC.

One ClearanceJobsBlog subscriber has high hopes he can use a THC free CBD he grabs from his guy:

I searched and found an old thread about CBD oils that had minimal amount of THC and LOTS of debate about the Farm bill back in 2019. That’s all great, my question is, what about CBD oils that don’t contain any THC? I’m in Texas, and there is a growing market of CBD products that are “THC free”. Any idea the current policy might be on CBD oils? Thank you in advance…


CBD is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants – ipso facto: CBD is a chemical found in marijuana. Per the FDA, there are no FDA-approved drug products that contain CBD, so anyone can slap on a sticker that notes something is 100% free. You’re just incurring the risk of it having that 1% and failing a drug test if that pops up.


Guidance was signed by the Director of National Intelligence late last year, offering insight into a number of Mary Jane topics, one of them being CBD. ODNI has been adamant about their disapproval of CBD products since they are not largely regulated. The policy reads, “With respect to the use of CBD products, agencies should be aware that using these cannabis derivatives may be relevant to adjudications in accordance with SEAD 4.” So, you are taking a risk by using CBD, but you are now knowingly taking that risk with outlined advice. CBD is sold as is so for those with security clearances, there is a bold ‘buyer beware’ in the fine print.

Many on the thread note that they would stay away until fed policy catches up with reality with many states cashing in on recreation legalization. But until the feds catch up…its best to use blue emu cream instead.


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