The ‘Great Resignation’, in which hundreds of thousands of workers left their jobs or switched careers during the 2020s pandemic era, is not over. Industry experts say loyalty to a company has become a thing of the past. After significant introspection, many Americans are switching jobs in the Great Resignation along with their work-life goals. Could this be an opportunity for you, during your upcoming job search?

Working with a Changing Job Environment

In early 2021, employers were hiring very carefully; while trying not to layoff too many. But by the end of the year, companies were trying to take on a flood of new employees. Salaries climbed for a variety of reasons with the majority of employers offering higher pay at the end of the year.

This gave many employees long sought confidence in the market. A recent Microsoft survey stated 52% of Gen Z and Millennial workers are considering changing employers this year. Comparatively, only 34% of Gen X and Boomers say they are thinking about job change. Similarly in England, 70% of British employees interviewed, feel confident enough to move on to a new job, with only 16% saying they are concerned about their ability to find a new job.

The good news, job seekers looking to change companies or careers, currently have lots of options. Being adaptable is key, as some markets and industries are improving more rapidly than others. Flexibility will be essential when contemplating a career or professional change. You should consider focusing in market growth areas and avoiding placing yourself onto a singular career path.

What Industries are Booming?

Some industries have floundered during the pandemic, while others are prospered. Two areas with the biggest hiring booms last year were logistics and the IT industries. According to analysts, other fields that grew included drivers, warehouse workers, data scientists, developers, medical and hospitality and catering staff. Because of the difficulty finding talent, a secondary effect of the employment situation has been a surge in hiring those that hire – human resources specialists and headhunters.

New Environment – New Approach

To land a good job, you may need to change your approach. Many things have changed due to the pandemic and companies may not go back to traditional hiring methods for some time, if ever. Therefore, you may need to make some adjustments. Just know that the job market is hot for perspective employees with the right skills in the right market.

What does this mean? With the shift in market demand, you may need to expand your search to fields and industries where you may not have previous experience. You may find your next job in a rapidly growing “green” field like the wind turbine or solar energy production. Do not be afraid to reinvent yourself, forcing personal viability, while finding work in a growth industry or position.

Besides broadening your search aperture, you need to be aware of the way the interview is changing. There is much less opportunity for a face-to-face interview with prospective employers. Now you may very well have to make a great impression and sell yourself (without going overboard) during a Facetime or Zoom session. Therefore, with more interviews taking place virtually, as a candidate, you must control your onscreen projected image, in terms of message and your physical and environmental appearance.


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Jay Hicks is an author, instructor and consultant. With a special kinship for military personnel, Jay provides guidance on successful civilian career transition and has co-authored “The Transitioning Military Series”. He is the co-founder of Gr8Transitions4U, where advocating the value of hiring military personnel is the key focus. More about Jay and his passion can be found at