If you are a fan of Italian food, you can literally have your cannoli and eat it too. Assignments to Italy may have seemed elusive previously. But such whimsical thought is certainly not out of reach. You can acquire an assignment as a contractor or civil servant at many fantastic locations in bella Italia.

In Italy, history is everywhere, and most Italians are proud of the multitude relics and architectural wonders. Upon arrival, you will find the Leaning Tower is still standing in Pisa. The Amalfi Coast, Capri and their waters are just as beautiful as any time in history. The pasta is still made fresh daily and the flavorful Chianti is best savored in the vineyards of Tuscany. You will find warm Mediterranean weather in southern Italy and the north experiences cooler weather with distinct winters.

The only question remaining is how do we get a job in Italy? All branches of the service have jobs there. Therefore, most locations have contract and civil servant positions. Training, IT, and logistics positions can be found at up and down the peninsula. There are several headquarters’ locations from northern Italy all the way to Naples in the south.

The best place to start looking for a job in Italy is on ClearanceJobs.com. Input your desired position(s) and insert Italy as your desired location. Apply for a position that is close to your skill sets. You will then want to seek out any friends and professional connections that you might have at that location. Many are surprised at how many second degree connections are in Italy. Here are a few professional opportunities currently available in Italy.

Vicenza and Aviano

These great locations are only an hour’s drive from Venice. Known as the Queen of the Adriatic, Venice is built on a more than 100 small islands, separated by canals and linked by 400 bridges. Due to their proximity to the Dolomites, the area is one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse locations in Italy. Offering skiing, hundreds of historical sites and proximity Austria, Germany and the Balkans, this area provides for lifelong memories. In September, take in a human chess game in nearby Marostica, near the city of Grappa.

Camp Ederle in Vicenza, Italy, is the headquarters of United States Army Africa, the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Aviano Air Base, also at the foot of the Southern Alps, is home to U.S. Air Force’s 31st Fighter Wing, and two F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons. These beautiful and strategic locations are critical to NATO’s southern operations.

CACI, Avantus Federal, GDIT and Warriors Recruiting are a few of the contract organizations with offerings in Vicenza and Aviano. Data analyst, Operations Training Analyst, AV/VTC Technician Information Security Analyst and Project Leads are just a few of the current open positions on ClearanceJobs.com.


Naval Support Activity Naples (NSA Naples) is a located near the Naples International Airport. Just a few miles from Pompeii and the Amalfi coast, your search for something to do is easy. This beautiful and historical area is home to worlds first pizza and Limoncello.

NSA Naples is home to U.S. Naval Forces Europe and the U.S. Sixth Fleet, employing over 10,000 personnel from all branches of service. NSA Naples provides support to naval vessels and various military units located around the Mediterranean.

Currently, positions such as Management Analyst, Afloat and Ashore Network Engineer, Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer and Network Administrator are among many offerings in and around Naples. Companies with current offerings are Serco, Force99 Technologies, HII Mission Technologies and People, Technology and Processes, LLC.


Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella, Italy is part of a NATO base hosting almost 40 US Navy and Air Force activities. It is located near Catania, on the island of Sicily, in the southern Italy, strategically placed near the Mediterranean Sea. A tremendous volume of air lift takes place through this strategic location.

Currently, People, Technology and Processes LLC is hiring a Management Analyst at Sigonella. Keep checking back with ClearanceJobs.com as more positions are listed every week. If you are in the market for a civil service job, check out USAJOBS.com

LIve Your Italian Dream

Occasionaly, smaller locations like Camp Darby, only 5 miles from the Leaning Tower in Pisa and lovely NAS Gaeta located in what many consider a paradise location between Rome and Naples on the Mediterranean, have job openings. To see all jobs, make sure to insert “Italy” when conducting your job search.

Remember, you can find a job in Italy if this is truly your desire. Follow your dreams and work the job market. You may get to live in a fantastic location on the Mediterranean later this year.

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